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These are the shortest pages in the English Wikipedia as of September 9, 2005. Your help is needed to fix various problems that cause them to end up here.


Listing criteria

Pages excluded from the current run:

  • Pages with redirect syntax
  • Pages outside the Article, Portal, Wikipedia, and Help namespaces.
  • Pages with "{{copyvio"
  • Pages with {{rfd}}
  • Pages with {{deletedpage}} or {{deletedarticle}}
  • Pages with {{disambig}}

Pages that used to be excluded:

How to deal with pages on this list

The articles listed here should be either expanded, deleted, or turned into a redirect to another article. Unless you are going to write a complete article from scratch, you will also need to make sure the article is properly tagged for attention from other editors. See Wikipedia:Deletion policy for a chart that shows what kind of text falls into what category, and what tag to add. See WP:VFD for more complete instructions on how to nominate a page for deletion. You may also want to check if the page meets the Wikipedia:Criteria for speedy deletion.

  • Links displayed in red are for articles that have already been deleted. Please remove any you happen to see from this list.
  • Short lists should be expanded, of course. All incomplete lists should be tagged as such. See Wikipedia:Incomplete lists for tags and advice.


Stubs are listed separately, for your convenience. If you find an article tagged with {{stub}}, please change it to the appropriate topic-specific one from Wikipedia:WikiProject Stub sorting/Stub types. Because the stubs listed here are so short, they are in the most need of attention. Help expand them! For advice, see Wikipedia:Guide to improving articles. You may also wish to see Wikipedia:Stub or Wikipedia:Article size for advice.

When fixed

After you've given an article some attention (hopefully making it long enough not to get re-listed here on the next run), please remove its listing from this page. This will help prevent duplication of effort.

How to update

See /How to update

Suggested improvements

  • Show how many articles link to each of these to give some indication of how worthwhile it is expanding them. - TB 09:36, Jun 9, 2004 (UTC)

Related lists

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(Stubs are listed separately, below.)


Size Title Contents
00 Portal:Business/?
00 Portal:Caribbean/?
00 Portal:Morocco/Featured_People
00 Portal:Turkey/box-header
00 Skycycle_X-2
00 Wikipedia:Cleanup_Taskforce/Operation_Yellow_Ribbon
00 Wikipedia:Featured_picture_candidates/Almendres_Cromlech
00 Wikipedia:Images_and_media_for_deletion/August_19,_2005
00 Wikipedia:Images_and_media_for_deletion/August_22,_2005
00 Wikipedia:Images_and_media_for_deletion/August_24,_2005
00 Wikipedia:Jewish_Encyclopedia_topics/B
00 Wikipedia:Jewish_Encyclopedia_topics/G
00 Wikipedia:Peer_review/ABDL
00 Wikipedia:Peer_review/Decimal_time
00 Wikipedia:Peer_review/Infantilism
00 Wikipedia:Peer_review/Iran
00 Wikipedia:Requests_for_mediation/weights_and_measures
00 Wikipedia:Spoiler_warning/Archive
00 Wikipedia:Votes_for_deletion/Jack_Hound
00 Wikipedia:Votes_for_deletion/Kenneth_Evoy
00 Wikipedia:Votes_for_deletion/Sagar_Pandya
00 Wikipedia:Votes_for_deletion/South_Lanarkshire_Council
00 Wikipedia:WikiProject_help_desk/cleanup/double_redirects/20050623-1/10
00 Wikipedia:WikiProject_help_desk/cleanup/double_redirects/20050623-1/11
00 Wikipedia:WikiProject_help_desk/cleanup/double_redirects/20050623-1/12
00 Wikipedia:WikiProject_help_desk/cleanup/double_redirects/20050623-1/8
00 Wikipedia:WikiProject_Tea/Free_Pictures
01 Wikipedia:Votes_for_deletion/User:Tim_Starling/Passwo6rd_matches 6
06 Portal:Topic/Featured_article Heeloo
06 Wikipedia:Votes_for_deletion/JHancockRSTLoungeAug2004.jpg blurry
07 Wikipedia:Featured_article_candidates/Flash_Flash_Revolution Support
07 Wikipedia:WikiProject_help_desk/cleanup/double_redirects/20050623-1/3 __TOC__
08 Portal:Society/box-footer <!-- -->
08 Wikipedia:WikiProject_History_of_Poland/Polish_demographics_and_economy_in_the_interwar_period {{todo}}
09 Portal:Technology/box-footer <!--\n-->
09 Wikipedia:Requests_for_comment/MarkRichards/ withdrawn
09 Wikipedia:Wikiportal/Society/??? <!-- -->
09 Wikipedia:WikiProject_help_desk/cleanup/double_redirects/20050623-1/6 Finished!
09 Wikipedia:WikiProject_help_desk/cleanup/double_redirects/20050623-1/9 Finished!
10 Wikipedia:Fact_of_the_Day/May_9,_2005 now is the
11 Portal:Computer_and_video_games/Opentask {{Gamebox}}
11 Portal:Uganda/??? Coming soon
11 Portal:Uganda/Things_you_can_do Coming soon
11 Portal:Uganda/Uganda_news Coming soon
11 Portal:Uganda/Wikiprojects Coming soon
11 Wikipedia:Latter_Day_Saint_Collaboration_of_the_fortnight/current [[Helaman]]
12 Wikipedia:Fact_of_the_Day/April_20,_2005 Ĵĵ
12 Wikipedia:Naming_conventions_(places)/status ==Counties==
12 Wikipedia:Votes_for_deletion/Status_of_religious_freedom_in_Italy '''Delete'''
12 Wikipedia:WikiProject_Deletion_sorting/test {{test one}}
14 Bancassurance {{Wiktionary}}
14 Wikipedia:Pages_needing_attention/Gender ==[[Gender]]==
15 Wikipedia:Pages_needing_attention/Ecology ==[[Ecology]]==
15 Wikipedia:Sandbox/testjon asdf asdf asd f
16 Help:Sand_box {{curly braces}}
16 Wikipedia:Hungarian_Wikipedians'_notice_board/HUNCOTM [[/2005 August]]
16 Wikipedia:Japanese_Collaboration_of_the_Week/Current_Japanese_COTW [[Akita, Akita]]
16 Wikipedia:Votes_for_deletion/Deletion_policy/Reducing_VfD_load Is this notable?
17 Wikipedia:Biography_Collaboration_of_the_Week/current [[Vasco da Gama]]
17 Wikipedia:WikiProject_United_States_Armed_Forces/to_do * Some Task to do
18 Portal:Caribbean/Caribbean_Music {{Caribbeanmusic}}
18 Portal:Hong_Kong/Opentask {{HKCOTW_current}}
18 Wikipedia:WikiProject_Cricket/Collaboration_of_the_fortnight/current [[Donald Bradman]]
19 Wikipedia:African_Collaboration_of_the_Week/current [[Acholi language]]
19 Wikipedia:WikiProject_Florida WikiProject Florida
20 Wikipedia:!Dead-end_pages {{specialpageslist}}
20 Wikipedia:!Most_wanted_articles {{specialpageslist}}
20 Wikipedia:Pages_needing_attention/Paleontology ==[[Paleontology]]==
20 Wikipedia:!Short_articles {{specialpageslist}}
21 Portal:Colombia/Colombia_news {{wikinews|Colombia}}
21 Wikipedia:Computer_and_video_games_improvement_drive/current_collaboration [[World of Warcraft]]
21 Wikipedia:How_to_play_Ogg_fileso How to play Ogg files
21 Wikipedia:U.S._Wikipedians'_notice_board/USCOTW/current [[American Old West]]
21 Wikipedia:Votes_for_deletion/Vicefield \n===[[Vicefield]]===
21 Wikipedia:WikiProject_Chicago/COTW/Current [[Chicago, Illinois]]
22 Wikipedia:Articles_for_deletion/Zander_Kaufman wat kinda name is dat?
22 Wikipedia:Chemical_infobox_chemdata_supplement {{Chembox supplement}}
22 Wikipedia:!Long_articles \n{{specialpageslist}}
23 Portal:Malaysia/Wikiprojects ''None at the moment.''
23 Wikipedia:Votes_for_deletion/Nettara This article is a hoax.
23 Wikipedia:WikiProject_Wiki_Syntax/1911-category.txt Done. 30 Nov 2004 07:12
24 Wikipedia:Gaming_Collaboration_of_the_week/current [[Phantasy Star series]]
24 Wikipedia:Votes_for_deletion/Antwaan_Randle_El this is a duplicate page
25 Wikipedia:Dewey_Decimal_System/0/05/050 {{DeweyA}}\n\n*[[Serial]]
25 Wikipedia:Today's_second_feature/August_10,_2005 {{Template:Did you know}}
25 Wikipedia:Today's_second_feature/August_11,_2005 {{Template:Did you know}}
25 Wikipedia:Today's_second_feature/August_12,_2005 {{Template:Did you know}}
25 Wikipedia:Today's_second_feature/August_8,_2005 {{Template:Did you know}}
25 Wikipedia:Today's_second_feature/August_9,_2005 {{Template:Did you know}}
25 Wikipedia:WikiProject_help_desk/cleanup/double_redirects/20050623-1/5 This section is finished!
26 Wikipedia:Monthfeature/2004September <div>\n{{feature}}\n</div>
26 Wikipedia:Science_collaboration_of_the_week/current [[Astronomical algorithm]]
26 Wikipedia:Tutorial_(Wikipedia_links)/sandbox/sub Trying to make a sub-page.
26 Wikipedia:Votes_for_deletion/Little_Tel_Aviv/Midtown * ""Delete"" Not Much Info
27 Wikipedia:Pages_needing_attention/Information_science ==[[Information science]]==
28 Wikipedia:PHP_script_new_features Moved to [[meta:Wikipedia3]]
29 Wikipedia:Indian_wikipedians'_notice_board/INCOTW/current [[Military History of India]]
29 Wikipedia:List_of_images/Places/Europe/Maps_of_Europe \n[[Category:Maps of Europe]]
29 Wikipedia:Votes_for_deletion/Friends_Reunited *'''Delete.''' Self-promotion
30 Portal:James_Bond/Quick_Links {{JamesBond}}\n{{Bond movies}}
30 Wikipedia:Votes_for_deletion/Andres_Gimeno same case as [[Hans Nusslein]]
31 Portal:Estonia/Featured_picture [[Image:TU logo (2).gif|400px]]
31 Wikipedia:Dewey_Decimal_System/0/05/052 {{DeweyA}}\n\n*[[Oliver Twist]]
31 Wikipedia:List_of_images/Places/Europe/Romania [[Image:TropeumTraiani 11.jpg]]
31 Wikipedia:Press_Release_2003_(2) Text moved to the main article.
31 Wikipedia:WikiProject_Playground/General CONFERENCE OF SAFETY PLAYGROUND
32 Wikipedia:News_sources/Broadcasting/India *[ NDTV] (IN)
32 Wikipedia:Votes_for_deletion/Armenian_Genocide Please do not remove this notice
32 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Clearfield_County,_PA Curwensville \n \n[[Underquilt]]
33 Wikipedia:Canadian_wikipedians'_notice_board/CCOTW/current [[National Film Board of Canada]]
34 Portal:Oz/Things_to_do {{Wikipedia:WikiProject Oz/to do}}
35 Fiction_technique {{Wikibookspar||Fiction technique}}
35 Portal:Caribbean/Things_you_can_do * Create a "Things you can do" list
35 Wikipedia:List_of_images/People See [[:Category:Images of people]].
35 Wikipedia:Translation_of_the_week ''see [[m:Translation of the week]]
35 Wikipedia:Votes_for_deletion/Votes_for_deletion/Shoulder_riding Pointless - insulting others work.
35 Wikipedia:WikiProject_Deletion_sorting/India {{deletionlist|India}}\n\n==India==
36 CpDNA abbreveation for ''Chloroplast DNA''
36 Portal:Kenya The Kenya Portal Will be up shortly.
36 Wikipedia:Polish_Wikipedians'_notice_board/PLCOTW/None Currently is none article nominated.
36 Wikipedia:Portal/Estonia/Featured_picture [[Image:COA Estonian SSR.png|400px]]
37 Wikipedia:GNE_Project_Files/Preliminary_DTD Moved to [[meta:GNE Preliminary DTD]]
37 Wikipedia:Tutorial_(Formatting)/sandbox/Words_hardest_to_translate This is the word hardest to translate
37 Wikipedia:Wikipedia_Book_Club/current_collaboration [[The Cherry Orchard]] by [[Chekhov]]
38 Banana_Creme_Pie {{Wikibookspar|Cookbook|{{PAGENAME}}}}
38 Duck_confit {{Wikibookspar|Cookbook|{{PAGENAME}}}}
38 Wikipedia:Historical_Wikipedia_pages/Larrys_Wedding_Card Moved to [[meta:Larry's Wedding Card]]
38 Wikipedia:Historical_Wikipedia_pages/WhichWikiShouldWeUse Moved to [[meta:WhichWikiShouldWeUse]]
38 Wikipedia:Reference_desk/all/How_to_ask_and_answer <!-- page intentionally left blank -->
39 Hongtashan A very popular Chinese cigarette brand.
39 New_Dominion_Tank_Police Sequel series to Dominion: Tank Police.
40 Portal:Kerala/Featured/More_Featured_Atricles 1. [[Nasrani]]\n2. [[Kerala Backwaters]]
40 Wikipedia:Featured_article_candidates/Gov't_Mule Self nom How do we improve this article?
40 Wikipedia:News_sources/Internet/Asia [] (Philippines)
41 Falco_3 [[Image:Falco3de.jpg|thumb|200px|Falco3]]
41 La_Belle_(ship) One of Robert De la Salle's primay ships.
41 Portal:Iran/Persian_art [[Image:Kamelia shojaee.jpg|right|150px]]
41 Wikipedia:Pages_for_deletion/Tse_Chi-yung Is this page worthy of a Wikipedia entry?
41 Wikipedia:Wikipedians_Central_America [[User:SqueakBox|SqueakBox]] [[Honduras]]
42 Camargue_(horse) From the Camargue area in Southern France.
42 Wikipedia:HK_wikipedians'_notice_board/HKCOTW/current [[Urban Council]] and [[Regional Council]]
42 Wikipedia:News_sources/Print/Middle_East *''[ Haaretz]'' (IL)
42 Wikipedia:PHP_script_tech_talk See [[m:How to become a Wikipedia hacker]]
42 Wikipedia:Requests_for_mediation/Eliot_Spitzer See [[Requests for comment/Eliot Spitzer]]
42 Wikipedia:Today's_second_feature/July_25,_2005 <h3>Did you know...</h3>\n{{Did you know}}
43 Portal:Chess/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer|{{{1}}}}}
43 Portal:Schools/Wikiprojects * [[Wikipedia:WikiProject Schools|Schools]]
43 Wikipedia:GNE_Project_Files/GNU_Encyclopedia_Tech_FAQ Moved to [[meta:GNU Encyclopedia Tech FAQ]]
43 Wikipedia:Mathematics_Collaboration_of_the_Week/current [[Eigenvalue, eigenvector, and eigenspace]]
44 Penna_Ahobilam Penna Ahobilam is place nearby [[Anantapur]]
44 Portal:Catebory:Archaeology #REDIRECT [Wikipedia:Wikiportal/Archaeology]
44 Wikipedia:Changing_attribution_for_an_edit/Krik Please review the page history for this log.
44 Wikipedia:Votes_for_deletion/BoastMachine *'''Outdated'''* This discussion is outdated
44 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Luzerne_County,_PA #[[User:Charron|Charron]] - [[Kingston, PA]]
44 Wikipedia:WikiProject_Deletion_sorting/Bulgaria/Closed \n{{Wikipedia:Votes for deletion/Stanislav}}
44 Wikipedia:WikiProject_Football/Article_improvement_drive/current_collaboration [[Hooliganism]]/[[Ultras]]/[[Football firm]]
45 CPIF CPIF stands for [[Checkpoint]] Integrity Flex
45 Portal:Agronomy/Wikiprojects There are not specific Agronomy projects yet.
45 Wikipedia:Votes_for_deletion/mugglenet Blatant advertising. Neologism. No relevance.
45 Wikipedia:Votes_for_deletion/Mugglenet Blatant advertising. Neologism. No relevance.
45 Wikipedia:WikiProject_Law/to_do * Article clean up\n** [[Jury nullification]]
46 Portal:Africa/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Agronomy/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Ancient_Egypt/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Archaeology/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Art/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Astronomy/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Aviation/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Bangladesh/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Bucharest/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Business_and_Economics/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Business,Economics,Finance/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Cambodia/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Canada/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Caribbean/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Colombia/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Comics/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Computer_and_video_games/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Culture/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Eastern_Christianity/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Estonia/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:European_Union/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Film/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Final_Fantasy/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Finland/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Formula_One/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Geography/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Gravitation/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Greece/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:History/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Hungary/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Iran/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Law/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Literature/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Lithuania/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Malaysia/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Mexico/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Montreal/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Morocco/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Music/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Netherlands/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Oz/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Personal_life/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Physics/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Pokémon/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Pornography/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Quebec/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Romania/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Schools/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Science/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Spain/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Sports_and_games/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Stargate/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Texas/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:The_Simpsons/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Topic/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Trains/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Uganda/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:University/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Utah/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Portal:Zelda/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 WFH \n{{move to Wiktionary}}\n\nWorking from home.
46 Wikipedia:Proposal_not_accepted_by_the_community See: [[:Category:Wikipedia rejected policies]]
46 Wikipedia:School_and_university_projects/Open_Source_Culture/Final_projects Describe and link to your final projects here.
46 Wikipedia:Votes_for_deletion/Brannon_bates.jpg {{Wikipedia:Votes for deletion/Brannon Bates}}
46 Wikipedia:Wikiportal/Mexico/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Wikipedia:Wikiportal/Netherlands/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
46 Wikipedia:Wikiportal/Society/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | {{{1}}} }}
47 Portal:Topic/Wikiprojects This is to-do: create [[Wikiproject:Lithuania]]
47 Portal:Utah/Wikiprojects [[Wikipedia:WikiProject Utah|WikiProject Utah]]
47 RAF_Rhine 2nd Tactical air force, RAF wildenrath, Germany
47 Wikipedia:Bad_Jokes_and_Other_Deleted_Nonsense/Template {{{s}}}\n{{bjaodn}}\n\n{{{e}}}\n\n{{AddBJAODN}}
47 Wikipedia:GNE_Project_Files/Project_Name Moved to [[meta:GNU Encyclopedia Project Name]]
47 Wikipedia:WikiProject_Numismatics/Sandbox {{Wikipedia:WikiProject_Numismatics/Infotable}}
47 [[�$-2¿ï¿ó¿À¾È巨像]] {{Rfd}}\n\n#REDIRECT [[Shadow of the Colossus]]
48 Portal:Pornography/Wikiprojects *[[Wikipedia:WikiProject Porn stars|Porn stars]]
48 Russell_Porter_(actor) Russell Porter played Tim in The Brittas Empire.
48 Wikipedia:Articles_for_deletion/East_Jesus Completely idiosyncratic non-topic, obscure, POV
48 Wikipedia:Don't_be_a_dick This page was moved to [[meta:Don't be a dick]].
48 Wikipedia:Experimental_Deletion/XD2/Example {{Wikipedia:Experimental Deletion/XD2/template}}
48 Wikipedia:Historical_Wikipedia_pages/ArbitraryLinkingDiscussion ''Moved to [[meta:ArbitraryLinkingDiscussion]]''
49 List_of_spin_off_series ===List of spin off series===\n [[Mama's Family]]
49 Portal:Caribbean/Wikiprojects [[Wikipedia:Caribbean Wikipedians' notice board]]
49 Portal:Film/Wikiprojects [[Wikipedia:WikiProject Films|WikiProject Films]]
49 Sesquippedaliophobia The fear of long words.\n\n{{Move to Wiktionary}}
49 Terry_Twillstein '''Terry Twillstein''' is a twidling doo-doo bird
49 Wikipedia:Featured_article_criteria #REDIRECT [[Wikipedia:What is a featured article]
50 GoldStar Manufacturer of electronic devices from early '80.
50 Portal:Chess/WikiProjects *[[Wikipedia:WikiProject Chess|WikiProject Chess]]
50 Portal:James_Bond/Wikiprojects There are currently no wikiprojects on James Bond.
50 The_seal_of_Orichalcos The seal of Orichalcos is a cord used in Yu-Gi-OH.
50 Wikipedia:Fact_of_the_Day/November_10,_2004 ...that '''[[spider silk]]''' is extremely strong?
51 Dead_or_Alive:_Extreme_Beach_Volleyball "REDIRECT [[Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball]]
51 Shape_(comics) '''Shape''' is possibly based on [[Elongated Man]].
51 Thermopile ''see [[Thermocouple]]''\n#REDIRECT [[Thermopylae]]
51 Wikimedia:Fundraising See
51 Wikipedia:Wikipedia3_documentation #REDIRECT[]
52 Haven_High_Tecnology_College \nA secondary school located in Boston Lincolnshire.
52 List_of_Spanish-American_War_veterans {{listdev}}\n*[[Theodore Roosevelt]], U.S. President
52 MS_Zaandam The MS Zaandam is part of the Holland America fleet.
52 Portal:Marketing/box-footer {{Wikipedia:Wikiportal/box-footer | Marketers Rule}}
52 Portal:University/Wikiprojects *[[Wikipedia:WikiProject Universities|Universities]]
52 UTC-6 {{timezones}}\n\nSee [[Central Standard Time Zone]].
52 Wikipedia:WikiProject_Media/templates {{templateMedia}}\n{{template:MediaProjectTemplate}}
53 Computer_user A '''computer user''' is someone who uses a computer.
53 Portal:Texas/Wikiprojects [[Wikipedia:WikiProject Texas|See WikiProject Texas]]
53 Reveille_with_Beverly {{cleanup-context}}\nThis Album was made in [[1943]].
53 UTC-7 {{timezones}}\n\nSee [[Mountain Standard Time Zone]].
53 Wikipedia:Votes_for_deletion/Deletion_policy/Reducing_VfD_load/CSD Shouldn't this be deleted/merged?\n*No. [[WP:POINT]].
53 Wikipedia:Votes_for_deletion/Quicksand_ring REDIRECT [[Wikipedia:Votes for deletion/Moblin ring]]
53 Wikipedia:WikiProject_Airports/Images_without_article These are images that do not have an article:\n(none)
53 Wikipedia:WikiProject_Wiki_Syntax/square-brackets-027.txt Page completed.\n\n[[WP:WS|Back to main index page]].
54 Randian A Randian is a person who reads the works of Ayn Rand.
54 Wikipedia:Greek_Wikipedians'_notice_board/GRKCOTW There is currently no Greek collaboration of the Week.
54 Wikipedia:Links_to_disambiguating_pages/unsorted/How_to_update (''Pre-MediaWiki 1.3 query removed'')\n<pre>\n\n</pre>
55 Portal:Gravitation/Wikiprojects * [[Wikipedia:WikiProject Physics|WikiProject Physics]]
55 Portal:Stargate/Wikiprojects [[Wikipedia:WikiProject Stargate|WikiProject Stargate]]
55 Stumped {{:Stumped/subpage}}\n\n[[Category:Cricket dismissals]]
55 Wiener_Blut_(album) [[Image:Wiener Blut.jpg|right|thumb|200px|Wiener Blut]]
55 Wikipedia:Dewey_Decimal_System/1/11/115 '''115 Time'''\n\n{{dewey}}\n\n*[[:Category:Time|Time]]
55 Wikipedia:Languages == Wikipedia in other languages ==\n\n{{Wikipedialang}}
55 Wikipedia:Today's_featured_article/June_7,_2004 Wikipedia down for most of the day. Article not cycled.
55 Wikipedia:Votes_for_deletion/DipSet Delete: Presumably a band but not really understandable
55 Wikipedia:Votes_for_deletion/Howard_Kinsey ===[[Howard Kinsey]]===\nsame case as [[Hans Nusslein]]
55 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Libya IbnRasheed (Amer-Libyan) Currently in the Sw of the US.
56 Wikipedia:Polish_Wikipedians'_notice_board/PLCOTW/History *[[Wawel]](June)\n*[[Mikolaj Rej]](July;3 support votes)
56 Wikipedia:Votes_for_deletion/Monica_Bedi Copyright belongs to TIMES NEWS NETWORK (Times of India)
57 Applebottoms Apple Bottoms is a clothing line designed by rapper Nelly
57 Wikipedia:Dewey_Decimal_System/1/16/160 '''160 Logic'''\n\n{{dewey}}\n\n[[:Category:Logic|Logic]]
57 See [[:Category:Images from the Liberal Democrats (UK)]].
57 Wikipedia:Votes_for_deletion/Razz '''Delete'''. This article is not suitable for Wikipedia.
57 Wikipedia:Votes_for_deletion/Teacher_in_role ===[[Teacher in role]]===\n\nSee [[Talk:Teacher in role]]
58 Einstein,_Newton,_and_Autism See [[Speculation of famous people who might have autism]]
58 Equilateral_polygon A polygon whose sides are equal (Williams 1979, pp. 31-32)
58 Havcap A combat aircraft mission role. See [[Combat air patrol]].
58 Jorts {{move to Wiktionary}}\nJorts: short pants made of denim.
58 List_of_Fibre_Channel_switch_vendors [[Brocade]], Ancor, [[McData]], Vixel, [[STK]] and Gadzoox
58 Wikipedia:Dewey_Decimal_System/2/22/220 '''220 Bible'''\n\n{{dewey}}\n\n*[[:Category:Bible|Bible]]
58 Wikipedia:Featured_article_candidates/Soap_bubble ===[[Soap bubble]]===\n* Added by [[User:Raul654|Raul654]]
58 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Delaware_County,_PA [[User:Ram-Man|Ram-Man]]: [[Aston Township, Pennsylvania]]
59 Retired_out {{:Retired out/subpage}}\n\n[[Category:Cricket dismissals]]
59 Wikipedia:Votes_for_deletion/Thibault_de_Montbrial '''Delete''', this is a an awful mix of English and French.
60 Jim_Torbett '''Jim Torbett''' created [[Celtic F.C.|Celtic]] Boy's Club.
60 Wikipedia:Sandbox/History [[Britney Spears]], ew.\n[[Shirley Manson]], so much better.
61 Arthur_A._Collins '''Arthur A. Collins''' was the founder of [[Collins Radio]].
61 Edmonton_Roadrunners {{R from misspelling}}\n\n#redirect [[Edmonton Road Runners]]
61 Edward_Ayres '''Edward Ayres''' founded the [[Ayres]] company in [[1810]].
61 Kokot {{Move to Wiktionary}}\n\nKokot is Slovak term for word cock.
61 Wikipedia:Votes_for_deletion/Ceres_Space_Colony {{Wikipedia:Votes for deletion/Wrecked Ship (Super Metroid)}}
61 Wikipedia:Votes_for_deletion/Crateria {{Wikipedia:Votes for deletion/Wrecked Ship (Super Metroid)}}
61 Wikipedia:Votes_for_deletion/Harry_Potter_fandom ===[[Harry Potter fandom]]===\nlowerspace "f" and unnecessary
61 Wikipedia:Votes_for_deletion/Maridia {{Wikipedia:Votes for deletion/Wrecked Ship (Super Metroid)}}
61 Wikipedia:Votes_for_deletion/Norfair {{Wikipedia:Votes for deletion/Wrecked Ship (Super Metroid)}}
61 Wikipedia:Votes_for_deletion/Tourian {{Wikipedia:Votes for deletion/Wrecked Ship (Super Metroid)}}
62 Electrical_travellers'_guide {{Wikibookspar||Guide to electrical equipment for travellers}}
62 Equiangular_polygon A polygon whose vertex angles are equal (Williams 1979, p. 32)
62 Wikipedia:Featured_article_candidates/ASCII See [[Wikipedia:Archive/Refreshing brilliant prose - Science]]
62 Wikipedia:Featured_article_candidates/Gene See [[Wikipedia:Archive/Refreshing brilliant prose - Science]]
62 Wikipedia:Milestones This page has been deprecated. Please see [[meta:Milestones]].
62 Wikipedia:Sandbox/tt Testing templates.\n\n[[foo]]\n\n[[Wikipedia:sandbox|sandbox]]
62 Wikipedia:Votes_for_deletion/January_22 ==January 22==\n\n{{Wikipedia:Votes for deletion/Mouse click}}
63 Dodge_B110 The Dodge B110 is based on the [[Volkswagen Transporter MKII]].
63 Éméritat Honourably discharged with a pension.\n\n{{move to Wiktionary}}
63 Greek_Paganism See [[Ancient Greek religion]] and [[Greek reconstructionism]].
63 [[L�$-1òùEcho_des_savanes]] '''''LòùEcho des savanes''''' is a French [[comics]] magazine.
63 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Berks_County,_PA # -- [[User:Snap Davies|Snap Davies]] 18:19, Jan, 28 2005 (UTC)
64 Lage_Zwaluwe Place with a railway station, in the municipality [[Drimmelen]]
64 Robert_Earl_(businessman) '''Robert Earl''' is the founder and CEO of [[Planet Hollywood]]
64 Tush '''Tush''' may mean:\n*[[Buttock]]\n*[[Canine]] teeth of a horse
64 Wikipedia:Dewey_Decimal_System/2/29/296 '''296 Judaism'''\n\n{{dewey}}\n\n*[[:Category:Judaism|Judaism]]
65 CCBS Completion of Calls to Busy Subscriber (Automatic recall on busy)
65 Chyung_Pyung The most known holy ground of the Unification Church. \nIn Korea.
65 Double_bar_graph A bar graph featuring a minor match proceeding to the main event.
65 Henghua THe '''Henghua''' people are from [[Fujian Province]], [[China]].
65 Portal:Final_Fantasy/Wikiproject [[Wikipedia:WikiProject Final Fantasy|WikiProject Final Fantasy]]
65 St_Pauls_AGS St Pauls AGS is a school located in Warragul, Victoria, Australia
65 The_Man_of_Forty_Crowns The '''Man of Forty Crowns''' is a fable written by [[Voltaire]].
65 Wikimedia:Wikimedia_needs_your_help See
65 Wikipedia:Votes_for_deletion/The_doo_rag_nelsons NN "joke" band. [[User:Hooperx|-HX]] 01:57, 27 August 2005 (UTC)
65 Wikipedia:Votes_for_undeletion/Laforet I found this entry very useful, actually. Please don't delete it.
65 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Arkansas This has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Arkansas]].
66 Dwenjang_jjigae '''Dwenjang jjigae''' is a [[stew]] made from Korean [[dwenjang]].
66 Ethekwini {{move to Wiktionary}}\n\nEthekwini means 'At the Harbour' in Zulu
66 Gadji '''Gadji''' like '''Gorgio''' is a gypsy word for a non [[gitana]]
66 George_Foerstner '''George Foerstner''' was the founder of [[Amana Refrigeration]].
66 Harry_Gradidge '''Harry Gradidge''' founded the [[Gradidge]] company in [[1870]].
66 Lanczos_algorithm Popular to use to find a zero vector in the process of quad sieve.
66 Novocaine {{disambiguation}}\n*[[Procaine]]\n*[[Novocaine (film)|Novocaine]]
66 Osmangazi '''Osmangazi''' is the biggest county of [[Bursa]] city [[Turkey]]
66 Portal:Business,Economics,Finance/Featured_picture [[Image:Wbs.png|thumb|center|300px|[[Work Breakdown Structure]] ]]
66 SCLM Acronym for "So-Called Liberal Media."\n\n#REDIRECT [[Media bias]]
66 Stevenage_railway_station [[Stevenage]] Railway Station Lies On The [[East Coast Main Line]]
66 Wikipedia:Dewey_Decimal_System/2/22/226/2261 '''226.1 Harmonies of Gospels'''\n\n{{DeweyA}}\n\n*[[Diatessaron]]
66 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Chile This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Chilean Wikipedians]].
66 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Cuba This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Cuba]].
66 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Italy This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Italy]].
66 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Utah This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Utah]].
66 Wikipedia:WikiProject_help_desk/cleanup/double_redirects/20050623-1/13 '''Done!''' [[User:Bluemoose|Bluemoose]] 10:54, 15 July 2005 (UTC)
67 Apprentice_Upholster [[Apprentice]] upholsters is sometimes call an Outsider or Trimmer.
67 Beesd Place with a railway station, in the municipality [[Geldermalsen]]
67 Help:EasyTimeline_examples #REDIRECT []
67 Novela A '''novela''' or '''telenovela''' is a [[Mexican]] [[soap opera]].
67 Rory_McArdle Young Sheffield Wednesday defender recently loaned out to Rochdale.
67 Sarah_Dash '''Sarah Dash''' is a singer and was part of the group [[Labelle]].
67 Wikipedia:Cinema_Collaboration_of_the_Week/current [[The Count of Monte Cristo (2002 film)|The Count of Monte Cristo]]
67 Wikipedia:Dewey_Decimal_System/2/20/200 '''200 Religion'''\n\n{{dewey}}\n\n*[[:Category:Religion|Religion]]
67 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Alaska This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Alaska]]
67 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Aruba This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Aruba]].
67 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Bucks This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Bucks]].
67 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Egypt This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Egypt]].
67 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Idaho This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Idaho]].
67 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Philippines This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Filipino Wikipedians]].
68 C20 A standard scaling compressive strength of concrete meaning 20 N/mm2
68 List_of_Nazi_hunters * [[Serge Klarsfeld]]\n* [[Beate Klarsfeld]]\n* [[Simon Wiesenthal]]
68 Madhuwanti Madhuwanti is the name of a [[Raga]] used in Indian classical music.
68 Ramón_Ortiz Ramón Ortiz is a starting pitcher for the [[Cincinnati Reds|Reds.]]
68 Scan_tool A scan tool is an electronic device used for automotive diagnostics.
68 Senex Latin for old man. In [[Jung]], probably the old wize man or wizard.
68 Vleuten Place with a railway station, in the municipality [[Utrecht (city)]]
68 Wikipedia:Alphabetical_order See
68 Wikipedia:List_of_images/Nature/Minerals {|\n|[[Image:Gallium1 640x480.jpg|thumb|100px|left|[[Gallium]]]]\n|}
68 Wikipedia:Main_Page_templates :Redirect:[[Wikipedia:Template messages/Main page and alternatives]]
68 Wikipedia:Votes_for_deletion/December_1987 Irrelevant, no encyclopedic significance. Short and self-promoting.
68 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Acadia This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Acadia]].
68 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Alabama This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Alabama]]
68 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Belgium This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Belgium]].
68 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Butler_County,_PA [[Saxonburg, Pennsylvania|Saxonburg]]\n\n*[[User:McCart42|McCart42]]
68 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Cyprus This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Cyprus]].
68 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Estonia This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Estonia]]
68 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Hawaii This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Hawaii]].
68 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Hungary This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Hungary]].
68 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Kansas This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Kansas]].
68 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Latvia This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Latvia]].
68 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Nevada This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Nevada]].
68 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Norway This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Norway]].
69 Abigeus {{Move to Wiktionary}}\nThis is an unusual word for a cattle rustler.
69 Cartimar '''Cartimar''', or Cartimar Shopping Center is located in Pasay City.
69 Dasliu '''Dasliu''' is a luxury goods store, with departments in [[Brazil]].
69 Demi_Lovato Demi Lovato was played by Angela in 2002 Barney and Friends and 2003.
69 Elephant_grass '''Elephant grass''' is a type of [[grass]] that grows in [[Africa]].
69 King_Ly_Chee King Ly Chee is a [[hardcore]] [[rock n roll]] band in [[Hong Kong]].
69 MGM/Diamond_Jubilee [[Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer]] studios in 1984, during its 60th anniversary.
69 North_Okkalapa '''North Okkalapa''' is one of the townships of [[Yangon]] (Rangoon).
69 Peter_Timmins Peter Timmins is the drummer of the Canadian band [[Cowboy Junkies]].
69 Portal:Spain/Wikiprojects *The immediate task is to create the [[Wikipedia:WikiProject_Spain]].
69 Scott_Plagenhoef '''Scott Plagenhoef''' is the managing editor of [[Pitchfork Media]].
69 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Albania This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Albania]].
69 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Algeria This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Algeria]].
69 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Andorra This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Andorra]].
69 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Arizona This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Arizona]].
69 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Armenia This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Armenia]].
69 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Austria This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Austria]].
69 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Belarus This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Belarus]].
69 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Bermuda This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Bermuda]].
69 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Bolivia This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Bolivia]].
69 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Croatia This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Croatia]].
69 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Ecuador This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Ecuador]].
69 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Honduras This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Honduras]].
69 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Kentucky This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Kentucky]]
69 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Moldova This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Moldova]].
69 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Montana This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Montana]].
69 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Morocco This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Morocco]].
69 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Myanmar This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Myanmar]].
69 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Vermont This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Vermont]].
69 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Wyoming This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Wyoming]].
69 Wikipedia:WikiProject_help_desk/cleanup/double_redirects/20050623-1/7 '''Done.'''\n\n[[User:GTBacchus|GTBacchus]] 19:55, 18 July 2005 (UTC)
70 Ashland_High_School '''Ashland High School''' is a public high school in [[Ashland, Ohio]]
70 Aug '''Aug''' may refer to:\n\n*[[August]]\n*[[AUG: Steyr Gun]]\n\n{{dab}}
70 DC_machines A DC machine is a machine working with [[Direct Current]] electricity.
70 Devlet_Ghiray '''Devlet Ghiray''' was a khan of the [[Crimean Khanate]] in 1551-1577
70 Dhoom_2 '''Dhoom 2'''([[2006]]) is the sequel to the original movie [[Dhoom]].
70 Kasagh '''Kasagh''' is a river near the central region of modern [[Armenia]].
70 Northallerton_railway_station [[Northallerton]] Railway Station Lies On The [[East Coast Main Line]]
70 Onara '''Onara''' is the main continent of the [[Arcanis]] Campaign Setting.
70 Pathogenomics Pathogenomics refers to genomic research on pathogenic microorganisms.
70 QoSS {{Move to Wiktionary}}\nQoSS stands for Quality of [[Storage]] Service
70 Toxophilite One devoted to archery; a lover of [[archery]]\n{{Move to Wiktionary}}
70 Wikipedia:Dewey_Decimal_System/1/12/122 '''122 Causation'''\n\n{{dewey}}\n\n*[[:Category:Causality|Causality]]
70 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Bangladesh This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Bangladeshi Wikipedians]].
70 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Barbados This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Barbados]].
70 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Brittany This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Brittany]].
70 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Bulgaria This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Bulgaria]].
70 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Cameroon This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Cameroon]].
70 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Colombia This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Colombia]].
70 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Colorado This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Colorado]].
70 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Cornwall This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Cornwall]].
70 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Delaware This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Delaware]].
70 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Maldives This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Maldives]].
70 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Mongolia This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Mongolia]].
70 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Oklahoma This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Oklahoma]].
71 Barry_Brandt '''Barry Brandt''' is a drummer and founding member of [[Angel (band)]]
71 Birdshot_retinochoroidopathy {{context}}\nAssociated with the haplotype HLA-A29 in 99% of the cases.
71 Ebb Ebb is a receding movement, usually used to describe water withdrawing.
71 Exeposé Exeposé is the official student-run newspaper of University of Exeter.
71 Globex The electronic trading platform of the [[Chicago Mercantile Exchange]].
71 Matchbox_(song) "'''Matchbox'''" is a [[Carl Perkins]] song covered by [[the Beatles]].
71 Midrib {{dicdef}}\nA '''midrib''' is the line in the center of a flower petal.
71 Peter_Gruber {{attention}}\n\n'''Peter Gruber''' is the CEO of [[Mandalay Pictures]]
71 Portal:Bangladesh/Things_you_can_do *Visit [[Wikipedia:WikiProject Bangladesh]] to see the ongoing projects
71 Portal:Bangladesh/Where_to_start * Read more about [[Bangladesh]]\n* Learn about [[Music of Bangladesh]]
71 St_George's_College,_Harare_Zimbabwe One of the leading secondary schools in [[Zimbabwe]]. Founded in 1896.
71 Trike '''Trike''' can refer to:\n*A [[Tricycle]]\n*[[Triceratop]]\n{{disamb}}
71 Wikipedia:Fact_of_the_Day/November_22,_2004 ...that a '''[[chakra]]''' is an [[energy node]] in the [[human body]]?
71 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Atlantic_County,_NJ This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in New Jersey]].
71 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Bergen_County,_NJ This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in New Jersey]].
71 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Camden_County,_NJ This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in New Jersey]].
71 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Catalonia This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Catalonia]].
71 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Cherry_Hill,_New_Jersey This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in New Jersey]].
71 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Essex_County,_NJ This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in New Jersey]].
71 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Gloucester_County,_NJ This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in New Jersey]].
71 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Haddonfield,_New_Jersey This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in New Jersey]].
71 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Hudson_County,_NJ This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in New Jersey]].
71 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Lithuania This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Lithuania]].
71 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Mercer_County,_NJ This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in New Jersey]].
71 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Middlesex_County,_NJ This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in New Jersey]].
71 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Morris_County,_NJ This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in New Jersey]].
71 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/New_Jersey This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in New Jersey]].
71 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Passaic_County,_NJ This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in New Jersey]].
71 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Pennsauken,_New_Jersey This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in New Jersey]].
71 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Somerset_County,_NJ This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in New Jersey]].
71 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Voorhees,_New_Jersey This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in New Jersey]].
72 Alex_Crockford Alex Crockford played [[Charlie Weasley]] in the [[Harry Potter]] films.
72 Eamonn_Campbell '''Eamonn Campbell''' has been a member of [[The Dubliners]] since 1988.
72 GRQ '''GRQ''' stands for [[H.323 Gatekeeper | gatekeeper]] discovery request
72 John_Carey_(critic) John Carey is a book reviewer for the Sunday Times newspaper in England.
72 Label_Edge_Router Label Edge Router (LER) is a router that operate at the edge of network.
72 List_of_Arubans [[Sidney Ponson]]\n\n{{incomplete-list}}\n\n[[Category:People of Aruba]]
72 Portal:Bangladesh/Wikiprojects *[[Wikipedia:WikiProject Bangladesh]]\n*[[Wikipedia:WikiProject Bengal]]
72 Rip-off To copy or imitate blatantly or unscrupulously\n\n{{Move to Wiktionary}}
72 Skavoovie The word skavoovie is a [[Jamaican]] greeting.\n\n{{Move to Wiktionary}}
72 Wikipedia:Dewey_Decimal_System/1/15/150 '''150 Psychology'''\n\n{{dewey}}\n\n[[:Category:Psychology|Psychology]]
72 Wikipedia:Miscellaneous_deletion/Log/2005-09-7 {{Wikipedia:Miscellaneous deletion/Wikipedia:Current charitable causes}}
72 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Azerbaijan This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Azerbaijan]].
72 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Costa_Rica This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians of Costa Rica]].
72 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Daejeon Wikipedians who live in Daejeon, South Korea\n#[[user:Ryuch|Ryu, Cheol]]
72 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Guadeloupe This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Guadeloupe]].
72 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/New_Mexico This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in New Mexico]].
72 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Switzerland This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Switzerland]].
73 Aesma_Daeva Aesma Daeva is a [[goth]] band from [[Minneapolis]] [[Minnesota]] [[USA]]
73 Clementina_Drummond-Willoughby,_24th_Baroness_Willoughby_de_Eresby {{context}}\n\nShe married Sir Gilbert John Heathcote, 1st Baron Aveland.
73 Crystal_Enterprise Crystal Enterprise is the Server-based add-on module for Crystal Reports.
73 French_Carmel '''French Carmel''' is located on the western slopes of [[Mount Carmel]].
73 Greer,_Arizona Greer is one of [[Arizona]]'s favorite retreats into the White Mountains.
73 Intestinal_flora numerous beneficial bacterial microorganisms found in the lower intestine
73 Ipi_tombi Ipi Tombi was the first musical to be performed by nude actors in London.
73 Kevin_Nealer '''Kevin Nealer'''\n[[The Scowcroft Group]] and CFR\n\n==External Links==
73 Literary_hook A hook in a work of literature that the author uses to atract the reader.
73 Mavia '''Mavia''' could be\n\n*[[Mavia (queen)]]\n*[[Mavia (genus)]]\n\n{{dab}}
73 Narail_district The '''Narail district''' is a [[district]] in south-west [[Bangladesh]].
73 St_Mary's_College St Mary's College is a catholic girls school in Adeladie South Australia.
73 Tobiads The '''Tobiads''' were a Jewish party formed in the [[Maccabean]] period.
73 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Connecticut This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Connecticut]].
73 Wikipedia:WikiProject_Oz/to_do *Flesh out book articles.\n*Early cinematic versions of the Wizard of Oz.
74 Bad_title <!-- please do not delete - bug in MediaWiki -->{{MediaWiki:Badtitletext}}
74 Iain_Gallaway '''Iain Gallaway''' (b. 1922) was a former commentator on [[Radio Sport]].
74 Kaukau_veld The Kaukau veld is a region in [[Botswana]] and north-western [[Namibia]].
74 Leighanne_Wallace American actress married to Backstreet Boys singer Brian Littrell (1999-).
74 Modi_(disambiguation) '''Modi''' can refer to:\n*[[Script Modi]]\n*[[Modi (surname)]]\n\n{{dab}}
74 Portal:Iran/Wikiprojects [ WikiProject Iran]
74 Portal:Romania/Featured_picture [[Image:Pelescastle.jpg|350px|center]]\n<center>[[Pele�$-1 ÿ Castle]]</center>
74 Portal:Writing/Opentask Separate articles for [[Islamic calligraphy]] and [[Western calligraphy]].
74 Western_Arms Western Arms is a popular [[Japan|Japanese]] [[airsoft]] gun manufacturer.
74 Wikipedia:News_sources/Broadcasting/Middle_East *[ Al Jazeera] (QA) [English Edition]
74 Wikipedia:Votes_for_deletion/Marlon_Warner it shoudent be deleted as I have found evidence of this artical on google.
74 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Georgia,_USA This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Georgia, USA]].
74 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/North_Dakota This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in North Dakota]].
74 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Rhode_Island This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Rhode Island]].
74 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/South_Dakota This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in South Dakota]].
74 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/West_Virginia This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in West Virginia]]
75 Constant_Tedder Constant Tedder\n\nCommercial Director Of Jagex Ltd. and a founding member.
75 Doug_Alker '''Doug Alker''' is presently the chair of the [[British Deaf Association]]
75 Little_Birds '''Little Birds''' is [[Anais Nin]]'s second published work of [[erotica]].
75 Little_Egg_Harbor '''Little Egg Harbor''' is a brakish bay along the coast of [[New Jersey]].
75 MDAA MDAA is an initialism for the Massachusetts District Attorneys Association.
75 Morton,_Derbyshire According to the roadsigns as you enter the town, is the centre of England.
75 North_Springs_High_School North Springs is a arts and science magnet school located in Sandy Springs.
75 Portal:France/Featured_Article_Archive # [[French law on secularity and conspicuous religious symbols in schools]]
75 Portal:Gravitation/Did_you_know ...That [[Black hole#History|black holes]] were first proposed in [[1783]]?
75 Safety_stock {{Move to Wiktionary}}\n\nExtra stock to allow for uneven demand; a buffer.
75 Sanjay the sanskrit translation: Victory and/or Protector.\n{{Move to Wiktionary}}
75 Thomas_Chestre Thomas Chestre is the writer of the middle English romance, [[Sir Launfal]]
75 Wikipedia:Non-main_namespace_pages_for_deletion/Log/Old <!-- {{Wikipedia:Non-main namespace pages for deletion/Log/2005-08-26}} -->
75 Wikipedia:Press_release:_Wikipedia_surpasses_Britannica This page is depreciated. Please see [[m:Wikimedia's first press release]].
75 Wikipedia:Votes_for_deletion/Christian_Vegetarian_Association ===[[Wikipedia:Votes for deletion/Christian Humanists and Rationalists]]===
75 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Faroe_Islands This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in Faroe Islands]].
75 Wikipedia:Wikipedians/South_Carolina This page has been replaced by [[:Category:Wikipedians in South Carolina]]
75 Wikipedia:WikiProject_Deletion_sorting/Argentina/Closed *'''Keep''' - 12 August 2005 - [[Wikipedia:Votes for deletion/]].
75 Wikipedia:WikiProject_History_of_Poland/Polish_demographics_and_economy_under_Communism {{todo}}\n\nArticle currently at: [[People%27s_Republic_of_Poland#Economy]]

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15 Martina_Sindlerova {{singer-stub}}
49 Awards_and_decorations_of_the_Malaysian_Armed_Forces * [[Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa]]\n\n{{mil-stub}}
53 ECHO '''ECHO''' is a German Music Award.\n\n{{music-stub}}
54 Anserine '''Anserine''' is a [[dipeptide]].\n\n{{biochem-stub}}
57 À_Toi "'''A Toi'''" is a song by [[Joe Dassin]].\n{{song-stub}}
59 Opoponax '''Opoponax''' is a variety of [[myrrh]].\n\n{{plant-stub}}
60 Enzo_Nini '''Enzo Nini''' is a [[jazz]] musician.\n\n{{musician-stub}}
61 Brave_Old_World '''Brave Old World''' is a [[klezmer]] band.\n\n{{band-stub}}
61 Heidi_Mark '''Heidi Mark''' is a [[Playboy]] playmate.\n\n{{model-stub}}
61 Positive_Light '''Positive Light''' is a group of [[DJ]]s. \n\n{{band-stub}}
62 RAKE Rake is a kind of mobile signal [[receiver]].\n\n{{tech-stub}}
62 Rodney_Peete '''Rodney Peete''' is a [[quarterback]].\n\n{{amfootbio-stub}}
63 George,_South_Africa '''George''' is a place in [[South Africa]].\n\n{{SA-geo-stub}}
63 One_Man's_Journey '''One Man's Journey''' is a program on [[PBS]].\n\n{{tv-stub}}
63 Signal_(toothpaste) '''Signal''' is a [[toothpaste]] [[company]]. \n\n{{corp-stub}}
63 Yes_It_Is "'''Yes It Is'''" is a [[Beatles]] [[B-Side]].\n\n{{song-stub}}
64 Helmsman A '''helmsman''' is a person who steers a ship. \n{{Water-stub}}
64 Saltkringle '''Saltkringle''' is a form of salty [[bread]].\n\n{{food-stub}}
65 Gildone '''Gildone''' is a small town in [[Italy]].\n\n{{Italy-geo-stub}}
65 Lanseria '''Lanseria''' is a place in [[South Africa]].\n\n{{SA-geo-stub}}
65 Paul_Radek '''Paul Radek''' helped make the [[Doom Engine]].\n\n{{cvg-stub}}
66 A_is_A '''A is A''' represents the [[Law of Identity]].\n\n{{philo-stub}}
66 Blitz!_(musical) '''Blitz!''' is a musical by [[Lionel Bart]].\n\n{{Broadway-stub}}
66 Caicque A '''caicque''' is a light Turkish [[rowboat]]. \n\n{{water-stub}}
66 Inpress '''Inpress''' is an [[Australia]]n music magazine.\n\n{{Mag-stub}}
66 Skawa <b>Skawa</b> is a river in southern Poland.\n\n{{poland-geo-stub}}
67 Abilon '''Abilon''' is a freeware [[RSS feed]] aggregator.\n{{compu-stub}}
67 Dalhousie,_India '''Dalhousie''' is a Hill station in [[India]].\n\n\n{{India-stub}}
67 DnaC '''dnaC''' is a negative regulator of [[dnaB]].\n\n{{biochem-stub}}
67 Hesse-Hanau '''Hesse-Hanau''' was state in [[Germany]].\n\n{{Germany-geo-stub}}
67 Shaolin_Warrior '''Shaolin Warrior''' was a 1984 [[kung fu]] film.\n\n{{film-stub}}
68 Ajmair '''Ajmair''' is an area in northern [[India]].\n\n{{India-geo-stub}}
68 Bert_Oig '''Bert Oig''' is a retired [[NHL]] player.\n\n{{icehockeybio-stub}}
68 Blackstorm '''Blackstorm''' are a popular [[Aboriginal]] band.\n\n{{Band-stub}}
68 Goaria_language '''Goaria''' is the language used in [[Rajasthan]].\n\n{{lang-stub}}
68 Kayanis '''Kayanis''' is a [[caste]] of [[Iran]]ian origin.\n\n{{Iran-stub}}
68 Manmade_God '''Manmade God''' is a [[Hard Rock]] [[Group]].\n\n{{musician-stub}}
68 Piper_Jaffray '''Piper Jaffray''' is a US [[securities]] company.\n\n{{corp-stub}}
68 Robomaxx '''Robomaxx''' is a [[robot]]ic [[vacuum cleaner]].\n\n{{tech-stub}}
69 1980_in_India ==Births==\n* [[September 21]] - [[Kareena Kapoor]]\n\n{{India-stub}}
69 AH7 '''AH7''' is a route in the [[Asian Highway Network]].\n{{road-stub}}
69 Anastasia_Krupnik '''Anastasia Krupnik''' is a novel by [[Lois Lowry]].\n\n{{lit-stub}}
69 Chumba '''Chumba''' is a kind of [[Garifuna music]].\n\n{{music-genre-stub}}
69 Kosovska_River '''Kosovska''' is a [[river]] in [[Ukraine]].\n\n{{Ukraine-geo-stub}}
69 Mike_Christie '''Mike Christie''' is a baritone in the group G4.\n\n{{Singer-stub}}
69 Ordnung <b>Ordnung</b> is the [[Amish]] rules of living.\n\n{{religion-stub}}
69 Santa_Fe,_Panama '''Santa Fe''' is a [[city]] in [[Panama]].\n\n{{CentralAm-geo-stub}}
69 Wassabi_Collective '''Wassabi Collective''' is a band from [[Canada]].\n\n{{music-stub}}
70 Alexander_Bay '''Alexander Bay''' is a place in [[South Africa]].\n\n{{SA-geo-stub}}
70 Joke_Girl '''Joke Girl''' is a [[ZOOM]] playhouse character.\n\n\n\n{{PBS stub}}
70 Korean_Games '''''Korean Games''''' is a book by [[Stewart Culin]].\n\n{{lit-stub}}
70 Mikhail_Ali '''Mikhail Ali''' is the youngest member in [[Mensa]].\n\n{{bio-stub}}
71 Evdokia_Petrov '''Evdokia Petrov''' was the Wife of [[Vladimir Petrov]].\n{{bio-stub}}
71 I_Call_Your_Name "'''I Call Your Name'''" is a song by [[the Beatles]].\n\n{{Song-stub}}
71 If_I_Ran_the_Zoo '''''If I Ran the Zoo''''' is a book by [[Dr. Seuss]].\n\n{{book-stub}}
71 Lactide '''Lactide''' is the [[anhydride]] of [[lactic acid]].\n\n{{chem-stub}}
71 Metroland_(album) '''''Metroland''''' was an album by [[Mark Knopfler]]\n\n{{album-stub}}
71 Playscenes_(Petz) '''Playscenes''' are [[Petz]] rooms, locations or scenes.\n{{cvg-stub}}
71 Strpce '''Strpce''' is a [[Serbia]]n enclave in [[Kosovo]].\n\n{{SM-geo-stub}}
71 Wonderful_Tonight "'''Wonderful Tonight'''" is a song by [[Eric Clapton]].\n{{song-stub}}
72 Alan_Evans '''Alan Evans''' is the [[drummer]] for [[Soulive]].\n\n{{drummer-stub}}
72 Credentialism Credentialism - the expansion of paper qualifications.\n\n{{vocab-stub}}
72 Persiana_Jones '''Persiana Jones''' is an [[Italy|Italian]] rock band.\n\n{{band-stub}}
73 American_Shaolin '''American Shaolin''' was a 1994 [[martial arts]] film.\n\n{{film-stub}}
73 Dong_Son '''Dong Son''' is a small [[town]] in [[Vietnam]].\n\n{{SEAsia-geo-stub}}
73 Erzerum_Province '''Erzerum''' is a province in eastern [[Turkey]].\n\n{{turkey-geo-stub}}
73 John_A._Scali John A. Scali (US Ambassador to the United Nations)\n\n\n{{US-poli-stub}}
73 R600a '''R600a''' is a [[refrigerant]] and a [[propellant]].\n{{industry-stub}}
73 Rogatica '''Rogatica''' is a city in [[Bosnia and Herzegovina]].\n{{BiH-geo-stub}}
73 Soriana-Hipermart '''Soriana''' is the largest retail chain in [[Mexico]].\n\n{{corp-stub}}
73 Topi_(town) '''Topi''' is a small town in [[NWFP]], [[Pakistan]]\n\n{{Pakistan-stub}}
73 Veleti The '''Veleti''' are a group of the [[Polabian Slavs]].\n\n{{ethno-stub}}
73 Wikipedia:Redundant_link More than one link to one article in the same page.\n\n{{Wikipedia-stub}}
74 A._Ogata '''A. Ogata''' is the inventor of [[Methamphetamine]].\n{{Scientist-stub}}
74 Desmosedici Desmosedici means a Ducati Desmo 16-valve in Italian.\n{{motorcycle-stub}}
74 Emmanuel_de_Witte '''Emmanuel de Witte''' (1617-1692) was a Dutch painter. \n\n{{bio-stub}}
74 Issan '''Issan''' is a north-east region of [[Thailand]].\n{{Thailand-geo-stub}}
74 Ivanka_Trump '''Ivanka Trump''' is the daughter of [[Donald Trump]].\n\n{{US-bio-stub}}
74 King_Siddartha '''King Siddartha''' was the father of [[Mahavira]].\n\n{{india-bio-stub}}
74 Kirk_(television_series) '''Kirk''' was a television show starring [[Kirk Cameron]].\n\n{{tv-stub}}
74 Leaving_on_a_Jetplane '''Leaving on a Jetplane''' is a song by [[John Denver]].\n\n{{song-stub}}
74 Neolentinus_ponderosus Neolentinus ponderosa is a fungus, native of California.\n\n{{plant-stub}}
74 Rick_Burch The bassist for the emo punk band [[Jimmy Eat World]].\n\n{{bassist-stub}}
74 Slug_and_Lettuce_(pub_chain) '''Slug and Lettuce''' is a [[pub chain]] in the [[UK]].\n\n\n{{pub-stub}}
74 Troesmis '''Troesmis''' was an ancient town in [[Scythia Minor]].\n\n{{roman-stub}}
74 WinHoldEm '''WinHoldEm''' is an online [[Texas hold 'em]] [[bot]].\n\n{{compu-stub}}
74 Worzel-Flummery '''Worzel-Flummery''' is a [[play]] by [[A. A. Milne]]\n\n{{theatre-stub}}
75 Evolved_virtual_creatures '''Evolved virtual creatures''' is a work by [[Karl Sims]].\n\n{{sci-stub}}
75 Four_Square_(company) '''Four Square''' is a division of [[Mars, Incorporated]].\n\n{{corp-stub}}
75 Neal_Shapiro '''Neal Shapiro''' is the President of ''[[NBC News]]''.\n\n{{Tv-bio-stub}}
75 Nile_TV '''Nile TV''' is a [[television]] news network in [[Egypt]].\n\n{{tv-stub}}
75 No_More_Dead_Dogs '''''No More Dead Dogs''''' is a novel by [[Gordon Korman]].\n{{book-stub}}
75 Norse_by_Norsewest '''Norse by Norsewest''' is a sequel to [[Lost Vikings]]. \n\n{{game-stub}}
75 Paraziti '''Paraziti''' are a [[punk rock]] band from [[Slovenia]].\n\n{{band-stub}}
75 Persulfate '''Persulfates''' are the salts of [[Persulfuric acid]].\n\n\n{{chem-stub}}
75 Pocho A Mexican who is born and/or raised in the United States.\n\n{{vocab-stub}}
75 Reichspost '''Reichspost''' was the [[Germany|German]] state post.\n\n{{Germany-stub}}
75 Sors In [[Roman mythology]], '''Sors''' was a god of luck.\n\n{{euro-myth-stub}}
75 Tony_Hibbert '''Tony Hibbert''' was responsible for [[Trebah Gardens]]\n\n\n{{bio-stub}}
76 Dave_Hernandez '''Dave Hernandez''' is bassist of the band 'The Shins'.\n\n{{bassist-stub}}
76 Earth-4_Engine '''Earth-4''' is the graphics engine used in [[Earth 2160]].\n\n{{cvg-stub}}
76 Gay_Life '''Gay Life''' is a weekly newspaper about [[gay culture]].\n\n{{news-stub}}
76 Geotextiles A '''geotextile''' is a synthetic permeable [[textile]].\n\n{{fashion-stub}}
76 Godbeites '''Godbeites''' is a church founded by [[William S. Godbe]].\n\n{{LDS-stub}}
76 HeightMax '''HeightMax''' is a brand of [[growth]] [[supplement]].\n\n{{product-stub}}
76 Leiner Leiner is a vitamin company base in Carson CA.\n{{attention}}\n{{corp-stub}}
76 Olga_Tañón '''Olga Tañón''' is a [[Puerto Rican]] singer-dancer.\n\n{{Musician-stub}}
76 Sclerotia '''Sclerotia''' are compact or hard masses of [[mycelium]]\n\n{{Fungi-stub}}
76 The_Koreans '''The Koreans''' are a 4-piece band from South [[London]].\n\n{{Band-stub}}
76 Tracy's_Tiger '''Tracy's Tiger''' is a short novel by [[William Saroyan]].\n\n{{Lit-stub}}
77 Alajdin_Demiri '''Alajdin Demiri''' was the former mayor of [[Tetovo]].\n\n {{Albania-stub}}
77 Bocet '''Bocet''' is a form of [[Romania]]n [[folk music]].\n\n{{music-genre-stub}}
77 Dana_Bash '''Dana Bash''' is a [[CNN]] reporter and anchorwoman.\n\n{{journalist-stub}}
77 Dilettantes '''Dilettantes''' is a [[Mexico|Mexican]] [[hip-hop]] group.\n\n{{band-stub}}
77 Emeth '''Emeth''' is a brutal [[death grind]] band from [[Belgium]].\n{{band-stub}}
77 Franz_Overbeck '''Franz Overback''' was a [[19th century]] [[theologian]].\n\n\n{{bio-stub}}
77 Golden_Grahams '''Golden Grahams''' is a brand of [[breakfast cereal]].\n\n\n\n{{food-stub}}
77 Hulta '''Hulta''' is a [[suburb]] of [[Borås]], [[Sweden]].\n\n{{Sweden-geo-stub}}
77 Kane_Basin '''Kane Basin '''is a city in [[Nunavut]], [[Canada]].\n\n{{Canada-geo-stub}}
77 LDT LDT is an [[acronym]] for Local Descriptor Table. \n\n{{Compu-hardware-stub}}
77 List_of_Indonesian_painters [[Painter|Painters]] from [[Indonesia]]:\n\n* [[Raden Saleh]]\n\n{{art-stub}}
77 Mansour '''Mansour''' is a district in [[Iraq]].\n\n{{Iraq-stub}}\n{{MEast-geo-stub}}
77 Markus_Ruby '''Markus Ruby''' is a [[Europe]]an brand of [[watch]]es.\n\n{{product-stub}}
77 Mauricio_Rosas '''Mauricio Rosas''' is a spokesman for [[Voice of Freedom]].\n\n{{bio-stub}}
77 Palomita_blanca '''Palomita Blanca''' is a book written by [[José Donoso]].\n\n{{book-stub}}
77 Prunus_insititia '''Prunus insititia''' is a variety of the common [[Plum]].\n\n{{plant-stub}}
77 Qatar_Sports_Club '''Qatar Sports Club''' plays in first division in [[Qatar]].\n{{sport-stub}}
77 Shoei '''Shoei''' is a popular brand of motorcycle [[helmet]]s.\n\n{{product-stub}}
77 Tiger_Management_Corp. Tiger Management Corp is a hedge fund founded by Julian Robertson\n\n{{stub}}
78 Akbar_Al_Baker '''Akbar Al Baker''' is the CEO of [[Qatar Airways]].\n\n{{business-bio-stub}}
78 Ben_Thapa '''Ben Thapa''' is a tenor in the group [[G4 (band)|G4]].\n\n\n{{Singer-stub}}
78 Dafnero '''Dafnero''' is a community in [[Kozani]], [[Greece]].\n\n{{Greece-geo-stub}}
78 Measuring_device An instrument or a device used to measure the property of an object.\n{{stub}}
78 The_Fuck_Up '''''The Fuck Up''''' is a [[novel]] by [[Arthur Nersesian]].\n\n{{book-stub}}
78 Tommy_Byrne_(musician) '''Tommy Byrne''' is a musician with the [[Wolfe Tones]].\n\n{{musician-stub}}
78 Trevor_Dark_Baby '''Trevor Dark Baby''' is the drummer from [[18 Visions]].\n\n{{Drummer-stub}}
79 Ghost_Soldiers '''Ghost Soldiers''' is a book about the [[Bataan Death March]].\n{{book-stub}}
79 Goran_Radosavljevic '''Goran Radosavljevic''' is a [[Serbia]]n military leader.\n\n{{mil-bio-stub}}
79 Helle,_Norway Consists of a suburb-like area North East of [[Kragerø]].\n{{Norway-geo-stub}}
79 James_Mankey ''James Mankey'' is the guitarist in [[Concrete Blonde]].\n\n{{Guitarist-stub}}
79 J.J._Nissen '''J.J. Nissen''' is a defunct [[bread]] [[corporation]].\n\n{{food-corp-stub}}
79 Kevin_Kling '''Kevin Kling''' is a commentator for [[National Public Radio]].\n{{bio-stub}}
79 Le_Ore '''Le Ore''' is an [[Italy|italian]] [[pornographic]] magazine.\n\n{{Mag-stub}}
79 LeRoy_Woodson '''LeRoy Woodson''' is the publisher of ''[[MilitaryWeek]]''.\n{{publish-stub}}
79 Majin_Tensei:_Ronde Released on the [[Sega Saturn]].\n\n{{cvg-stub}}\n\n[[Category: Megami Tensei]]
79 Peter_Schweizer '''Peter Schweizer''' is the author of ''[[Reagan's War]]''.\n\n{{writer-stub}}
79 Rhopalosomatidae '''Rhopalosomatidae''' is an odd family of [[hymenoptera]]\n\n\n{{insect-stub}}
79 Salgueiro '''Salgueiro''' is a city in [[Pernambuco]], [[Brazil]].\n\n{{Brazil-geo-stub}}
79 Sam_Farrar '''Sam Farrar''' is the bass player for [[Phantom Planet]].\n\n{{bassist-stub}}
79 Subhuti '''Subhuti''' was one of [[Shakyamuni]]'s Ten Major Disciples. \n\n{{bio-stub}}
79 Thoracomer '''Thoracomer''' is a part of [[crustacean]] [[morphology]].\n\n{{biosci-stub}}
79 Validus {{comics-stub}}\nValidus is a DC Comics supervillain. Member of the Fatal Five.
79 Xonix '''Xonix''' is a [[computer game]] from the [[Qix]] category.\n\n\n{{cvg-stub}}
80 2002_Euler An asteroid named after the mathematician, [[Leonhard Euler]]\n{{asteroid-stub}}
80 Ahmadi,_Kuwait '''Ahmadi''' is a town in [[Kuwait]].\n\n{{MEast-geo-stub}}\n[[Category:Kuwait]]
80 Braggadocio {{Move to Wiktionary}}\n\nBraggadocio is a pretentious manner.\n\n{{vocab-stub}}
80 Camptown_Races "'''Camptown Races'''" is an [[1850]] song by [[Stephen Foster]].\n{{song-stub}}
80 Chastity_(comic_book) '''Chastity''' is a comic book published by [[Chaos Comics]].\n\n{{comics-stub}}
80 Dan_Gatto '''Dan Gatto''' is a [[music]]ian in the band [[Babyland]].\n\n{{musician-stub}}
80 Douglas_Niles [[Douglas Niles]] is a [[fantasy author]] and [[game designer]].\n\n{{bio-stub}}
80 FRED_(disk_magazine) '''FRED''' was a disk-based magazine for the [[SAM Coupé]].\n\n\n\n{{cvg-stub}}
80 James_Russell_Mercer '''James Russell Mercer''' is lead singer of [[The Shins]].\n\n{{musician-stub}}
80 Jesus_Malverde Mexican patron saint of smugglers with a big stash. Mustashe.\n\n{{mexico-stub}}
80 Lithomarge '''Lithomarge''' is a form form of [[Kaolin]] or China Clay.\n\n{{mineral-stub}}
80 Nawab_Akbar_Khan_Bugti '''Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti''' is the head of the [[Bugti]] tribe.\n\n{{bio-stub}}
80 Nevin '''Nevin''' is a village in [[Wales]], [[United Kingdom]].\n\n{{Wales-geo-stub}}
80 Return_(book) ''Return'' is a book by [[Japanese author]] [[Tetsuo Shimizu]].\n\n{{book-stub}}
80 Sarin_Diamonds '''Sarin Diamonds''' is a [[company]] that grades [[diamonds]].\n\n{{corp-stub}}
80 Smilaceae '''Smilaceae''' a plant family; it includes [[Sarsaparilla]]\n\n\n{{plant-stub}}
80 SSTC '''SSTC''' is an abbreviation for "solid state [[Tesla coil]]".\n\n{{tech-stub}}
80 Swordstalker {{expand}}\n\n'''Swordstalker''' is a [[Yu-Gi-Oh!]] character.\n\n{{anime-stub}}
81 Barbara_Moraff '''Barbara Moraff''' is a [[poet]].\n\n{{writer-stub}}\n[[Category:Poets|Moraff]]
81 Center_Stage_(theater) '''Center Stage''' is the State Theater of [[Maryland]].\n\n{{stateinsigniastub}}
81 Cystine '''Cystine''' is an oxidized [[dimeric]] form of [[cysteine]]\n\n{{biochem-stub}}
81 Dave_Jeser '''Dave Jeser''' is one of the creators of [[Drawn Together]].\n\n{{Tv-bio-stub}}
81 Lot_(unit) A disused unit of weight in Russia, equal to about 12.8 grams.\n\n{{Russia-stub}}
81 Oscar_da_Costa '''Oscar da Costa''' is a [[Spitting Image]] [[caricaturist]].\n\n{{artist-stub}}
81 Osório '''Osório''' is a city in [[Rio Grande Do Sul]], [[Brazil]]. \n\n{{brazil-stub}}
81 Parmara '''Parmara''' was a medieval [[Kingdom]] in [[Northern India]].\n\n{{India-stub}}
81 Sagar-Shimoga '''Sagar-Shimoga''' is a [[Taluk]] in [[Shimoga]] district.\n\n{{India-geo-stub}}
81 Sarcoplasm '''Sarcoplasm''' is the [[cytoplasm]] of a [[striated muscle]].\n{{cellbio-stub}}
81 The_Night_Fox '''The Night Fox''' is a character in the movie [[Ocean's 12]].\n\n{{movie-stub}}
82 Adam_Wade Drummer for [[Jawbox]], [[Shudder to Think]] and [[Sweet 75]].\n\n{{drummer-stub}}
82 All-Star_Western '''''All-Star Western''''' is a comic published by [[DC Comics]].\n{{comics-stub}}
82 Churchill_Films '''Churchill Films''' is a producer of [[direct-to-video]] films.\n\n{{film-stub}}
82 Damian_Oliver '''Damian Oliver''' is a leading [[jockey]] in [[Australia]].\n\n{{Sportbio-stub}}
82 Death_worship '''Death worship''' is the [[worship]] of [[Death]] as a [[god]].\n\n{{reli-stub}}
82 Faisal_bin_Abdullah '''Faisal bin Abdullah''' is a child of [[Abdullah of Saudi Arabia]]. {{Bio-stub}}
82 Fujita '''Fujita''' is the name of a second-tier Japanese [[zaibatsu]].\n\n{{japan-stub}}
82 George_Procter '''George Procter''' was the first collector of [[Madurai]].\n\n{{India-bio-stub}}
82 Gladys_E._Willis Gladys E. Willis, Canadian, invented Bread Candy in [[1942]].\n{{Canada-bio-stub}}
82 Imperial_ordinance An '''imperial ordinance''' is an order issued by an [[Emperor]].\n\n{{poli-stub}}
82 Khaled_bin_Abdullah '''Khaled bin Abdullah''' is a child of [[Abdullah of Saudi Arabia]]. {{Bio-stub}}
82 Kolbotn '''Kolbotn''' is a small town in [[Oppegård]], [[Norway]].\n\n{{Norway-geo-stub}}
82 Minification [[Minification]] is the opposite of [[magnification]].\n----\n\n\n{{physics-stub}}
82 Robert_Tomasulo '''Robert Tomasulo''' is the father of the [[Tomasulo algorithm]].\n\n{{bio-stub}}
82 Stanislas_Wawrinka '''Stanislas Wawrinka''' is a [[Swiss]] male [[tennis]] player.\n\n{{tennis_stub}}
82 USS_Utina '''USS UTINA''' (ATF 163) is a [[US Navy]] auxilliary vessel.\n\n{{mil-ship-stub}}
82 Vincenzo_Nardiello '''Vincenzo Niardiello''' was a world championship [[boxer]].\n\n{{sportbio-stub}}
83 Agattu '''Agattu''' is one of the [[island]]s in the [[Aleutians]].\n\n{{Alaska-geo-stub}}
83 Al_Nassr '''Al Nassr''' are a leading [[soccer]] club in [[Saudi Arabia]].\n\n{{footy-stub}}
83 Banjari '''Banjari''' are a [[scheduled tribe]] in [[Orissa]], [[India]].\n\n{{ethno-stub}}
83 Cocooning '''Coccooning''' is where a persons home becomes their whole world.\n{{socio-stub}}
83 Diego_Dias '''Diego Dias''' discovered [[Madagascar]].\n\n{{bio-stub}}\n[[Category:Explorers]]
83 Ecco_Press A publishing imprint of [[HarperCollins|Harper Collins Books]].\n\n{{Publish-stub}}
83 Electric_form_factor [[Fourier transform]] of electric charge distribution in space.\n\n{{physics-stub}}
83 Frass '''Frass''' refers to [[insect]] droppings or [[feces|excrement]].\n{{biosci-stub}}
83 Groundbug A '''groundbug''' is an object that can be tracked using [[GPS]].\n\n\n{{Com-stub}}
83 Kafka's_dick '''Kafka's dick''' (1986) is a [[comedy]] play by [[Alan Bennett]].\n{{Theat-stub}}
83 Literacy_education '''Literacy education''' focuses on teaching reading and writing.\n\n\n{{Edu-stub}}
83 Marmablue A '''Marmablue''' is a [[monster]] in the game [[Seiken Densetsu]].\n\n{{Cvg-stub}}
83 Michael_Hill '''Michael Hill''' is the President of the [[League of the South]].\n\n{{bio-stub}}
83 Morges_(district) '''Morges''' is a district in [[Vaud Canton, Switzerland]].\n\n{{switzerland-stub}}
83 Nonfarm_Payrolls '''Nonfarm payrolls''' is an [[economic]] report released monthly.\n\n{{econ-stub}}
83 Orford,_Suffolk '''Orford''' is a small town in [[Suffolk]], [[United Kingdom]].\n\n{{UK-geo-stub}}
83 Pomponesco '''Pomponesco''' is a commune in the Italian [[Province of Mantua]]\n{{italy-stub}}
83 Sam_Register '''Sam Register''' is the Vice President of [[Cartoon Network]].\n\n{{tv-bio-stub}}
83 Santa_Sangre '''Santa Sangre''' is a [[cult film]] by [[Alejandro Jodorowsky]].\n\n{{film-stub}}
83 The_Raven_(Brothers_Grimm) {{expand}}\n\n'''The Raven''' is a story by the [[Brothers Grimm]].\n\n{{lit-stub}}
83 Turebergs_FK '''Turebergs FK''' is a [[Sweden|Swedish]] [[athletics]] club.\n\n\n{{sports-stub}}
84 Disgorge '''Disgorge''' is a [[brutal death metal]] band from [[California]]. \n{{band-stub}}
84 Hydroxytropacocaine '''Hydroxytropacocaine''' is an [[alkaloid]] found in [[cocaine]]\n\n{{Pharma-stub}}
84 Juan_Carlos_Navarro '''Juan Carlos Navarro''' is the [[mayor]] of [[Panama]]'s District.\n\n{{bio-stub}}
84 Manzanillo,_Cuba '''Manzanillo''' is a city in [[Cuba]].\n\n{{caribbean-geo-stub}}\n[[de:Manzanillo]]
84 Martin_Sexton '''Martin Sexton''' is an American [[Rock and roll]] musician. \n\n{{musician-stub}}
84 Nonactin [[Nonactin]] is a [[chelate]] which acts as an [[antibiotic]].\n\n{{treatment-stub}}
84 Pankaj '''Pankaj''' is an [[Indian]] name that means [[lotus]] [[flower]].\n\n{{name-stub}}
84 Premier_of_North_Korea The current '''Premier of [[North Korea]]''' is [[Pak Pong-ju]].\n\n\n{{Korea-stub}}
84 Public_holidays_in_the_Solomon_Islands * [[July 7]]: Independence Day\n\n[[Category:Solomon Islands]]\n\n\n{{oceania-stub}}
84 Regozena '''Regozena''' is a [[Greece|Greek]] village near [[Sparta]].\n\n{{Greece-geo-stub}}
84 Spacebus '''Spacebus''' is a [[satellite]] series built by [[Aerospatiale]].\n\n{{aero-stub}}
84 WWK '''WWK''' is a German Anarcho-punk band from the [[Westerwald]] area.\n{{band-stub}}
85 Abha '''Abha''' is the capital of [[Asir]] province in [[Saudi Arabia]].\n\n{{Saudi-stub}}
85 Adaptive_reuse '''Adaptive reuse''' is the reuse of old buildings for new purposes.\n\n{{arch-stub}}
85 Bahuchara_Mata '''Bahuchara Mata''' is the [[goddess]] of the [[Hijra]] community.\n\n{{India-stub}}
85 Berghaus '''Berghaus''' is a outdoor [[clothing]] and equipment manufacturer.\n\n{{corp-stub}}
85 Cadstar '''Cadstar''' is [[software]] for creating electronic boards\n\n\n{{Compu-soft-stub}}
85 Cyanolichens '''Cyanolichens''' are [[lichens]] that contain [[cyanobacteria]].\n\n{{biosci-stub}}
85 Dörbed '''Dorbed''' is a [[tribe]] within the [[Oirad]] [[Mongol]] people.\n\n{{Ethno-stub}}
85 Dua '''Dua''' is an Indian surname used by both [[Sikhs]] and [[Hindus]].\n{{India-stub}}
85 Flop_show Brilliant comedy serial on Indian television.\nDirected by Jaspal bhatti\n{{TV-stub}}
85 Fredis_Refunjol '''Fredis Refunjol''' is the current [[governor]] of [[Aruba]].\n\n{{Caribbean-stub}}
85 Hindon,_Wiltshire '''Hindon''' is a small town in [[Wiltshire]], [[United Kingdom]].\n\n{{UK-geo-stub}}
85 Jacques-Cartier_County,_Quebec '''Jacques-Cartier County''' is located in Eastern [[Quebec]].\n\n{{Quebec-geo-stub}}
85 Kablammo '''Kablammo''' is a [[board game]] about [[Russian roulette]].\n\n{{board-game-stub}}
85 Lepidaspis The '''Lepidaspis''' are an extinct marine taxon of [[vertebrate]].\n{{biosci-stub}}
85 Martín_de_Ursua '''Martin de Ursua''' was a [[Spain|Spanish]] [[conquistador]].\n\n{{Spain-bio-stub}}
85 Matthew_Stiff '''Matthew Stiff''' is a baritone-bass in the group [[G4 (band)]].\n\n{{Singer-stub}}
85 Meander,_Tasmania '''Meander''' is a town in [[Meander Valley]],[[ Tasmania]]. \n{{Australia-geo-stub}}
85 Michael_Smith_(percussionist) '''Michael Smith''' is a percussionist in the band [[Babyland]].\n\n{{musician-stub}}
85 Nilon_Bombers '''Nilon Bombers''' were a [[Brit-pop]] band from the mid [[1990s]].\n\n{{band-stub}}
85 Prill '''Prill''' is a dry pellet form of the [[explosive]] [[ANFO]].\n\n{{explosive-stub}}
85 Sharad_Joshi '''Sharad Joshi''' is a noted [[Hindi]] [[poet]] and [[satirist]].\n\n{{writer-stub}}
85 Ula The '''Ula''' are one of the [[List of Manchu clans|Manchu clans]].\n\n{{China-stub}}
86 Au_(mobile_phone) '''AU''' is a [[mobile phone]] firm in [[Japan]].\n\n{{wireless-stub}}\n{{Japan-stub}}
86 Ballymakeera '''Ballymakeera''' is a village in [[West Cork]], [[Ireland]].\n\n{{ireland-geo-stub}}
86 Beulah,_Powys Small village of around 200 inhabitants located in Powys, Wales.\n\n{{Wales-geo-stub}}
86 Bjarnø '''Bjarnø''' is a common family name in [[denmark]].\n{{attention}}\n{{denmark-stub}}
86 Chinantec '''Chinantec''' is a tribe that lives in Oaxaca and Puebla, Mexico.\n\n{{Mexico-stub}}
86 Dominique_Girard '''Dominique Girard''' is [[France]]'s ambassador to [[India]].\n\n{{France-bio-stub}}
86 Give_Up_The_Funk_(Tear_The_Roof_Off_The_Sucker) '''Give Up the Funk''' is a song by [[Parliament (band)|Parliament]].\n\n{{song-stub}}
86 Greg_Tribbett '''Gregg Tribbett''' is the lead guitar player for [[Mudvayne]].\n\n{{guitarist-stub}}
86 James_Zebiela '''James Zabiela''' is a [[UK]] based [[DJ]] and [[record producer]].\n{{UK-bio-stub}}
86 Jason_Rullo [[Jason Rullo]] is the skilled [[drummer]] behind [[Symphony X]].\n\n{{Musician-stub}}
86 Lagoon_Engine '''Lagoon Engine''' is a [[manga]].\n\n{{comics-stub}}\n\n[[de:Lagoon Engine Einsatz]]
86 Lida_Botezatu '''Lida Botezatu''' is a [[Moldova]]n singer.\n{{musician-stub}}\n[[ro:Lida Botezatu]]
86 Mami_(goddess) '''Mami''' is a goddess in the [[Babylon]]ian epic [[Atra-Hasis]].\n{{Asia-myth-stub}}
86 Marty_Zupan '''Marty Zupan''' is president of the [[Institute for Humane Studies]]\n\n{{bio-stub}}
86 Monster_Rancher_2_(video_game) '''Monster Rancher 2''' is a [[video game]] about [[Monster Rancher]].\n\n{{cvg-stub}}
86 My_Days '''''My Days''''' is an autobiography of [[R.K. Narayan]].\n\n{{nonfiction-book-stub}}
86 Naldurg '''Naldurg''' is a fort in [[Osmanabad]].\n\n{{india-stub}}\n[[Category:Indian forts]]
86 Port_Albert,_Victoria '''Port Albert''' is a town in [[Victoria]], [[Australia]]. \n\n{{australia-geo-stub}}
86 Saud_Al-Shuraim '''Saud Ibn Ibrahim Al-Shuraim ''' is the [[Imam]] of the [[Kaaba]].\n\n{{Islam-stub}}
86 Seven_for_all_Mankind '''Seven for all Mankind''' is a designer [[jeans]] [[company]].\n\n\n{{fashion-stub}}
86 Slå_meg_på!_Popmusikk! '''Slå meg på! Popmusikk!''' is the fourth [[CD]] by [[Di Derre]].\n\n{{album-stub}}
86 Sonny_Landreth '''Sonny Landreth''' is a slide guitar player from [[Louisiana]].\n\n{{musician-stub}}
86 Syed_Ali_Shah_Geelani '''Syed Ali Shah Geelani''' is a separatist leader from [[Kashmir]].\n\n\n{{bio-stub}}
86 William_Wetmore '''William Wetmore''' founded [[Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio]] in [[1812]].\n\n{{US-bio-stub}}
87 21_(comics) '''''21''''' is a comic published by [[Top Cow]] and [[Image Comics]].\n{{comics-stub}}
87 A_Day_in_the_Death_of_Joe_Egg '''''A Day in the Death of Joe Egg''''' is a play by [[Peter Nichols]].\n\n{{lit-stub}}
87 Ammonius '''Ammonius''' wrote a commentary on [[Ptolemy]]'s ''[[Almagest]]''.\n\n{{writer-stub}}
87 Arthur_Glasser '''Arthur Glasser''' was the [[American]] founder of [[missiology]].\n\n{{US-bio-stub}}
87 Duty_Free_(sitcom) '''Duty Free''' is an [[ITV]] sitcom written by [[Eric Chappell]].\n\n{{Tvseries-stub}}
87 Grant_Young '''Grant Young''' is the [[drummer]] for the band [[Soul Asylum]].\n\n{{musician-stub}}
87 Halogen_salt A '''halogen salt''' is a [[salt]] consisting of [[halogen]] elements.\n\n{{chem-stub}}
87 Jessie_Harlan '''Jessie Harlan''' was one of [[Abraham Lincoln]]'s granddaughters.\n\n{{US-bio-stub}}
87 Khulmi '''Khulmi''' is a district of [[Bhalk]] in [[Afghanistan]].\n\n{{Afghanistan-geo-stub}}
87 Kilrenny '''Kilrenny''' is a small town in [[Scotland]], [[United Kingdom]].\n\n{{UKS-geo-stub}}
87 Matt_Silverstein '''Matt Silverstein''' is one of the creators of [[Drawn Together]].\n\n{{Tv-bio-stub}}
87 Monolith_(DC_Comics) '''''Monolith''''' was a 12 issue mini-series from [[DC Comics]].\n\n{{DC-Comics-stub}}
87 NTV_Turkey [[NTV Turkey]] is a [[Turkey|Turkish]] news TV channel.\n\n{{TV-stub}}\n{{Turkey-stub}}
87 Offerton '''Offerton''' is a suburb in [[Stockport]], [[Greater Manchester]].\n\n{{UK-geo-stub}}
87 Omaha_Opera The '''Omaha Opera''' is an [[opera]] company in [[Omaha, Nebraska]].\n\n{{opera-stub}}
87 Playmates '''"Playmates"''' was a [[1955]] recording by [[The Fontane Sisters]].\n\n{{song-stub}}
87 Rob_Theakston '''Rob Theakston''' was a [[Peru]]vian folk singer.\n\n{{musician-stub}}\n{{Peru-stub}}
87 Steve_Pete '''Steve Pete''' - World Champion in Downhill [[mountain biking]]\n\n{{sport-bio-stub}}
87 The_New_Droid_Army '''The New Droid Army''' was a video game for the [[Game Boy Advance]].\n\n{{Cvg-stub}}
87 Ubasi_Khong_Tayiji '''Ubasi Khong Tayiji''' was a [[15th century]] [[Mongolian]] prince.\n\n{{noble-stub}}
87 Urda_cheese '''Urdă''' is a Romanian [[cheese]].\n{{food-stub}}\n[[Category:Romanian cheeses]]
87 Vaccinology '''Vaccinology''' is the scientific discipline of [[vaccine]] research.\n\n{{med-stub}}
87 VNET '''VNET''' was a corporate [[email]] system from [[IBM]] (1988).\n\n{{compu-soft-stub}}
87 Walsgrave '''Walsgrave''' is an area of [[Coventry]], [[England]].\n\n\n{{WestMidlands-geo-stub}}
88 24_Parganas_(South) A district of [[West Bengal]],[[India]], headquartered in [[Alipore]].\n\n{{India-stub}}
88 Abdul_Aziz_bin_Abdullah '''Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah''' is a child of [[Abdullah of Saudi Arabia]]. {{royal-stub}}
88 Beta_(motorcycle_manufacturer) The '''Beta company''' was founded in [[1968]] by Charles Harvey.\n\n{{motorcycle-stub}}
88 Chris_Kuroda '''Chris Kuroda''' is a [[lighting designer]]/operator for [[Phish]].\n\n{{US-bio-stub}}
88 Christoph_Strauss '''Christoph Strauss''' was a composer and cantor who died in 1631.\n\n{{composer-stub}}
88 Cool_McCool '''Cool McCool''' is an [[animated series]] created by [[Bob Kane]].\n{{animation-stub}}
88 Eric_Zamora '''Eric Zamora''' was a member of the [[ska]] band [[Save Ferris]].\n\n{{musician-stub}}
88 Florhed '''Florhed''' is small community in [[Hälsingland]], [[Sweden]].\n\n{{sweden-geo-stub}}
88 Just_Jeans Australian apparel chain store, owned and operated by the Just Group.\n\n{{Retail-stub}}
88 Leucopyrite '''Leucopyrite''' is a mineral, an oxidised form of [[Loellingite]].\n\n{{mineral-stub}}
88 Lochmaben '''Lochmaben''' is a small town in [[Scotland]], [[United Kingdom]].\n\n{{UKS-geo-stub}}
88 Mauro_Cristofani '''Mauro Cristofani''' is a linguist and researcher in Etruscan studies.\n\n{{bio-stub}}
88 Neapolitan_sauce {{Cookbook}}\n'''Neapolitan Sauce''' is a [[sauce]].\n{{food-stub}}\n[[Category:Sauces]]
88 Omer_(Book_of_Mormon) According to the [[Book of Mormon]], '''Omer''' was a [[Jaredite]] king.\n\n{{LDS-stub}}
88 ParaHox One of the genes in the family of Homeobox Gene, "cousin of Hox Gene."\n{{cellbio-stub}}
88 Protaspididae The '''Protaspididae''' are an extinct marine taxon of [[vertebrate]].\n{{biosci-stub}}
88 Psammosteidae The '''Psammosteidae''' are an extinct marine taxon of [[vertebrate]].\n{{biosci-stub}}
88 Red_Larkin '''Red Larkin''', actor. Played Clem Hooper in [[Swamp Water]] (1941).\n\n{{actor-stub}}
88 Silica_glass '''silica glass''' is used to make the cores of [[optical fiber]] cables.\n{{tech-stub}}
88 Siphnus '''Siphnus''' is a [[Greece|Greek]] [[island]] of the [[Cyclades]].\n{{Greece-geo-stub}}
88 Steven_Lippman '''Steven Lippman''' is a [[photographer]] that worked with [[Playboy]].\n\n{{bio-stub}}
88 The_Very_Best_of_UB40 '''''The Very Best of UB40'''' is a greatest hits album from [[UB40]].\n\n{{album-stub}}
88 Tolypelepidida The '''Tolypelepipida''' are an extinct marine taxa of [[vertebrate]].\n{{biosci-stub}}
88 Typarium A '''typarium''' is a [[Seal (device)|seal]] bearing its owner's image.\n\n{{flag-stub}}
89 Age_of_Reptiles_(comics) '''''Age of Reptiles''''' is a comic published by [[Dark Horse Comics]].\n{{comics-stub}}
89 Apple_bottoms Apple Bottoms is a clothing line designed by rapper/artist [[Nelly]].\n\n{{Fashion-stub}}
89 Chris_Gray '''Chris Gray''' is the vocalist for the band [[The Black Maria]].\n\n\n{{musician-stub}}
89 Clayton-le-Moors '''Clayton-le-Moors''' is a town near [[Blackburn]] in [[Lancashire]].\n\n{{UK-geo-stub}}
89 Convention_and_Visitors_Bureau A '''Convention and Visitors Bureau''' is a local [[tourism]] agency.\n\n{{tourism-stub}}
89 Coto_(comic_books_artist) '''Coto''' is a [[Cuba]]n artist and [[comics|comic]] creator.\n\n{{Comics-creator-stub}}
89 Ed_Benguiat '''Ed Benguiat''' is an American typographer.\n{{US-bio-stub}}\n[[Category:Typographers]]
89 Ernulf '''Ernulf''' ([[1115]]-[[1124]]) was a [[Bishop]] of [[Rochester, Kent]].\n\n{{bio-stub}}
89 Erox_comix '''Erox comix''' is a studio that produces many well-known [[H Manga]].\n\n{{Anime-stub}}
89 Greisen '''Greisen''' is a form of [[granite]].\n\n{{mineral-stub}}\n\n[[Category:Igneous rocks]]
89 Groove_Terminator '''Groove Terminator''' is the name of an [[electronic music]] [[band]].\n\n{{band-stub}}
89 Herbstmilch '''Herbstmilch''' is a [[Germany|German]] movie with [[Werner Stocker]].\n\n{{film-stub}}
89 Heytesbury '''Heytesbury''' is a small town in [[Wiltshire]], [[United Kingdom]].\n\n{{UK-geo-stub}}
89 Inside '''''Inside''''' is the title of the debut album from [[David Reilly]].\n\n{{album-stub}}
89 Iouea '''Iouea''' is a genus of [[Cretaceous]] [[fossil]] [[sponges]].\n\n{{invertebrate-stub}}
89 James_O._McKinsey '''James O. McKinsey''' is the founder of [[McKinsey & Company]]\n\n{{Business-bio-stub}}
89 Janet_E._Jackson '''Janet E. Jackson''' is the president and CEO of the [[United Way]].\n\n{{US-bio-stub}}
89 Jasper_Opal '''Jasper Opal''' is a [[Breccia]] of [[Jasper]] cemented by [[Opal]]\n\n{{mineral-stub}}
89 Kutiyattam '''Kutiyattam''' is a form of [[India]]n theatre.\n{{theatre-stub}}\n[[Category:Theatre]]
89 Love_In_The_Time_Of_Science '''Love in the Time of Science''' is an album by [[Emilíana Torrini]].\n\n{{album-stub}}
89 Mary_Wedderburn_Cannan '''Mary Wedderburn Cannan''' ([[1893]]–[[1973]]) was a [[poet]].\n\n{{writer-stub}}
89 Michael_Carona '''Michael Carona''' is the [[Sheriff]] of [[Orange County, California]].\n\n{{bio-stub}}
89 Najafgarh '''Najafgarh''' is a place located close to [[New Delhi]], [[India]].\n{{india-geo-stub}}
89 New_York_Revolt_of_1792 The '''New York Revolt of 1792''' was an attempted [[slave rebellion]].\n{{US-hist-stub}}
89 Obeline_Smith '''Obeline Smith''' first suggested [[magnetic storage]] in [[1888]].\n{{Scientist-stub}}
89 ParaPlane_Corporation '''ParaPlane''' was the first company to produce [[powered parachute]]s.\n\n{{corp-stub}}
89 Paul_Romanko '''Paul Romanko''' is the [[bassist]] for the band [[Shadows Fall]].\n\n{{musician-stub}}
89 Soviet_aircraft_carrier_Moskva [[Image:38MoskvaoffMoroccoJan1970.jpg|thumb|]]\nSoviet aircraft carrier\n\n{{naval-stub}}
89 Thug_By_Nature [[Layzie Bone|Layzie Bone's]] debut solo.\n\n{{cleanup-date|July 2005}}\n\n{{music-stub}}
89 Universal_Code_(CD) '''Universal Code''' is the title of an [[album]] by [[Dan Handrabur]].\n\n{{Album-stub}}
89 WQAM-AM {{explain significance}}\nHome of the Neil Rogers Show from 10 AM to 2 PM\n{{Radio-stub}}
90 Adrian_Dalsey [[Adrian Dalsey]] was the founder of [[DHL]], a shipping company.\n\n{{business-bio-stub}}
90 Alban_Mount '''Alban Mount''' is a small [[mountain]] overlooking [[Alba Longa]]\n\n{{italy-geo-stub}}
90 Amezketa [[Amezketa]] is a city in [[Guipúzcoa]], [[Spain]].\n\n{{Gipuzkoa}}\n\n{{Spain-geo-stub}}
90 Badmash [ Badmash] is a comic strip about non-white America.\n{{Comic-stub}}
90 CCSI CCSI stands for,\n* Certified [[Cisco Systems|Cisco]] Systems Instructor\n\n{{compu-stub}}
90 Chuao '''Chuao''' is a type of [[cocoa bean]], that is grown in [[Venezuela]].\n\n{{plant-stub}}
90 Daniel_Brookshier '''Daniel Lee Brookshier''', "Author of JXTA: Java P2P Programming."\n\n{{compu-bio-stub}}
90 Echallens '''Echallens''' a commune in [[Vaud]] canton, [[Switzerland]].\n\n{{Switzerland-geo-stub}}
90 Epperly '''Mount Epperly''' is a 4359m high mountain in [[Antarctica]].\n\n{{Antarctica-geo-stub}}
90 F-22_Raptor_(game) '''F22 Raptor''' is a computer game from [[Novalogic]] for [[Windows 95]].\n\n{{cvg-stub}}
90 Helen_Watts '''Helen Watts''' (b. [[December 7]], [[1927]]) is a Welsh contralto.\n\n{{musician-stub}}
90 Hyperkinesis '''Hyperkinesis''' is a state of overactive restlesness in [[children]].\n\n{{psych-stub}}
90 Inverbervie '''Inverbervie''' is a small town in [[Scotland]], [[United Kingdom]].\n\n{{UKS-geo-stub}}
90 Jai_Patel Jai (means 'hail') Patel is name of a merchant community in [[Gujarat]].\n\n{{india-stub}}
90 John_Francis_Queeny '''John Francis Queeny''' founded the [[Monsanto Company]] in [[1901]].\n\n{{US-bio-stub}}
90 Judge_(anime) '''''Judge''''' is an [[anime]] released in the west by [[Manga Video]].\n\n{{anime-stub}}
90 Kabi The '''Kabi''' are an [[Aboriginal]] people of the [[Queensland]] coast.\n\n{{ethno-stub}}
90 Laa '''Laa''' is a town in [[Austria]].\n\n{{Austria-geo-stub}}\n[[Category:Towns in Austria]]
90 Laminarieae '''Laminarieae''', are a family of sea weeds, classed as [[Brown alga]]\n\n{{plant-stub}}
90 Lawrence_Philips '''Lawrence Philips''' is the author of the Metaphone [[algorithm]].\n\n{{compu-bio-stub}}
90 Makoto_Sakamoto '''Makoto Sakamoto''' is the [[drummer]] for the band, [[The Tears]].\n\n{{musician-stub}}
90 Mark_Mastrov '''Mark Mastrov''' is the CEO and creator of [[24 Hour Fitness]].\n\n{{business-bio-stub}}
90 Night_letter A '''night letter''' is an unsigned [[leaflet]] distributed clandestinely.\n\n{{Lit-stub}}
90 Nokomis_Regional_High_School '''Nokomis Regional High School''' is located in [[Newport, Maine]].\n\n{{US-school-stub}}
90 Onalaska,_Washington '''Onalaska''' is a small town in [[Lewis County, Washington]].\n\n{{Washington-geo-stub}}
90 Pedicel In [[botany]], a '''pedicel''' is the stalk of an individual [[flower]].\n\n{{plant-stub}}
90 Pratima_Kumari '''Pratima Kumari''' is an [[India]]n [[weightlifting|weightlifter]].\n\n{{sportbio-stub}}
90 Rover_(lawnmower) '''Rover''' is a brand of [[lawnmower]] manufactured in [[Australia]].\n\n{{product-stub}}
90 Sephora '''Sephora''', a company of [[LVMH]] is a major French [[perfume]] house.\n\n{{corp-stub}}
90 Soccer_in_Western_Australia '''Soccer in [[Western Australia]]''' is organised by [[Football West]].\n\n{{footy-stub}}
90 Sonus '''Sonus''' is a German [[psy trance]] band with a dry progressive style.\n\n{{Band-stub}}
90 Super_Ratón '''Súper Ratón''' is a very popular [[wrestler]] from [[Mexico]].\n{{wrestlingbio-stub}}
90 Tomrefjord '''Tomrefjord''' is a [[fjord]] located near [[Molde]], [[Norway]].\n\n{{Norway-geo-stub}}
90 Uithuizen Place with a railway station, in the municipality [[Eemsmond]]\n\n{{Netherlands-geo-stub}}
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