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Strike has many meanings:

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  • A strike is a deliberate absence from work. See strike action. By extension, it is used for other forms of organised action, such as a hunger strike.
  • A strike is an unarmed attack with hand, arm or elbow in order to cause harm to an opponent. See strike (attack).
  • Strike is the generic name for a blunt, crushing attack made with or without a weapon. Striking weapons include the club, the mace and the war hammer and is probably the oldest category of weapons known to humans.
  • A military strike is a limited attack on a specified target.
  • The strike of a geological unit is the compass direction along the plane of the unit where the unit has zero dip. As any surface that is not horizontal will have two such directions, convention states that the direction of strike is taken as anti-clockwise from the dip-direction.
  • In baseball, a strike is a mark against a batter, three of which will cause him to strike out. See strike (baseball statistics).
  • In bowling, a strike occurs when players knock down all the pins with their first ball of a frame.
  • In cricket, a batsman is on strike when facing the bowler.
  • In the anime series Gundam Seed, the GAT-X105 Strike Gundam is the primary mobile suit for the first half of the series
  • In horology, a strike is an audible signal of the time, or the portion of a clockwork concerned with producing it; see striking clock.
  • In theatre, to strike generally means to remove an object or set piece from the stage. Strike is also the event after the final performance of a theatrical work at which the set is disassembled, lighting instruments and costumes are removed and stored, and the theatre space is returned to a generally "neutral" or "empty state," in preparation for the load-in of the next show.
  • In the U.S. Navy, to strike a ship is to remove the ship from the Naval Vessel Register prior to disposal of the ship. Afterwards the vessel is said to be stricken.
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