Monday, September 5th 2011 San Francisco

Lazy morning.
I am in recovery.
No, it is not a hangover!
It is from walking 13 hilly miles on pavement over the past two days and this foggy morning which seems to lead me to another cozy cup of coffee in bed. Ahhhh.... "Life is good."

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Will we see the sun today?


It is not just the fog I love:

The naked truth, it seems, is that San Francisco is once again going to emerge as a city ripe for ridicule -- or a beacon of free expression -- depending on your point of view. The latest issue? Public nudity.

Supervisor Scott Wiener will introduce legislation today intended to get to the bottom of the gross-out factor when it comes to public nudity.

His proposal would require people who bare all for all to see to at the very least place a towel or like item underneath them when they sit down. The proposed restrictions also would require nudists to cover up before they enter a restaurant.

Does this mean the end of Naked Lunch!!??

Stay tuned...