Mike's Epic Road Trip

Crossing Texas to Post

When I drove into Post I could see right away it would be a town worth taking the time to explore. As I drove around the small town and saw all the nice old buildings and old homes I began to change my mind about pushing on to Lamesa and just spend the night right here in Post.

A little background: Post was founded in 1907 by breakfast cereal magnate Charles Williams Post, as his "dream city". His vision drew him to one of the most beautiful locations in West Texas, where the head waters of both arms of the Brazos River join to outline the scenic Caprock escarpment.
So, now we have our connection with Post Toastiesand Grape Nuts.

I had seen the Hotel Garza a "Historic Bed & Breakfast" on the way into town so I turned around to check it out further. It looked like a really cool place to stay so I went in to ask for rate info. To my disappointment it was 64 dollars for a single. So I decided to look around some more and found the good old Budget Inn on South Boundary near east 8th. They had clean rooms for $40. Still more than I expected for a town of this size in this locale.

After I got settled in I decided to take a walk around town and also get a 6 pak to enjoy while sitting in the warm late afternoon sun. I has spotted what looked like a 7-11 type convenience store earlier so I walked that way and found Allsup's Convenience Stores #61 on East 8th near South Avenue "M". The store was packed with kids from the Elementary school across the street all looking for an afternoon snack. But I found no beer. It was then that I thought the town might be dry and I would have go elsewhere for my brewskies.

I left the store and started walking down 8th to Broadway and it was then I met a local police office who was working with the school system. He crossed the street to my side and by that time I was halfway across the crosswalk. He called out inquiring if I there for the Mill Trade Days. Not having any idea of what he was talking about I told him "no" and I was on my way to Tucson to see my brother. By this time he had crossed the street and walking side-by-side with me. Such a friendly and inquisitive fellow I thought as he inquired about my name, my home, my job, where was I staying, where was my car, etc. By know I had figured out he was not just being friendly but asking this obvious stranger to his town just who the hell he was and what was he doing there. He finally ran out of questions and I continued my walk towards town. But not before finding out that indeed the town was dry and I could get a 6 pak at the Post Beverage Barn just outside of town.

By the time I had reached the service station at the corner of 8th and Broadway (US Rts 380&84) a Police Cruiser turned into the parking lot, circled and then pulled up to me and stopped. An officer go out of the vehicle and called me over. He said he had a report of a suspicious looking character up by the grade school. Imagine my surprise. I told him I had just spoken to an officer up the block and he acknowledged it was this officer who had called him to the scene. He asked the same questions, asked for my ID, got on the radio and after about 15 minuted came back over with my Operators permit and told me I "checked out". He explained he was just trying to "protect our kids". All I could think of was protect them from whom? Some tourist walking around in broad daylight and making the mistake of wandering past the Elementary School? I guess they are not to concerned about scaring people ( and their dollars ) off. In fact, I can't think of a better way to kill a towns tourism industry than by having the police stop people on the street, ( twice ) grill them, and then run and ID check on them. I wonder what the local Chamber of Commerce thinks of this practice?

After this little incident with Post's finest I walked back to the hotel, got the car and got my 6 pak and a local paper. I spent the rest of the afternoon basking in sun and reading about the local goings on of Post Texas. I couldn't help but wonder if the next addition would have a report of the suspicious looking character who had been stopped for questioning near the elementary school.


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