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The President of Uganda is the head of state in Uganda. The role began as a largely ceremonial position, with the Prime Minister holding the true power. The first president was the king of Buganda, due to the power of the monarchist Kebaka Yekka party. In 1966 Prime Minister Milton Obote suspended the Ugandan constitution and became both Prime Minister and President. From this point on the Presidency became the most powerful office in Ugandan politics.

List of Presidents of Uganda

Name Took Office Left Office Title
Sir Edward Mutesa 9 October 1962 2 March 1966 President
Milton Obote 15 April 1966 25 January 1971 President
Idi Amin 25 January 1971 13 April 1979 President
Yusufu Lule 13 April 1979 20 June 1979 President
Godfrey Binaisa 20 June 1979 11 May 1980 President
Paulo Muwanga 12 May 1980 22 May 1980 Chairman of the Military Commission
Presidential Commission 22 May 1980 15 December 1980 Presidential Commission
Milton Obote 17 December 1980 27 July 1985 President
Bazilio Olara Okello 27 July 1985 29 July 1985 Chairman of the Military Council
Tito Okello 29 July 1985 26 January 1986 Chairman of the Military Council
Yoweri Museveni 26 January 1986 - President


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