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105 miles
168 km


West - East


Primary destinations: Huyton
St. Helens


North Cave

Opening date:


Completion date:

Motorways junctioned: 6 -
M57 motorway
10 -
M6 motorway
12 -
M60 motorway
12 -
M602 motorway
18 -
M60 motorway
18 -
M66 motorway
20 -
A627(M) motorway
26 -
M606 motorway
27 -
M621 motorway
29 -
M1 motorway
32a -
A1(M) motorway
35 -
M18 motorway

The M62 motorway connects the cities of Liverpool and Hull, in England. Along the way, it passes the cities of Salford, Manchester, Warrington, Bradford, Leeds and Wakefield, and crosses the Pennine hills.

The motorway is the most important east-west road in northern England. Great efforts are made to keep the road clear of snow in winter months, when other cross-Pennine routes are often shut. This stretch of motorway is the highest in the UK.

The building of the M62 between Rochdale and Huddersfield, crossing the Pennines, is considered to have been one the most daring road construction projects to have taken place in England due to the nature of the terrain. At the highest point of the motorway, the road divides into two to negotiate the hilly terrain, and a farm, built in 1737, is situated in between the two halves. The inhabitants, Ken and Beth Wild, have lived and worked there since 1971 and are known to have helped travellers stuck on the motorway in bad weather. The road forks around the farm for engineering reasons; a myth persists that it is because they refused to be moved out of the way during its construction.

The section of the M62 around Manchester, between junctions 12 and 18, has been renumbered as the M60 Manchester Outer Ring Road road. Another section of the orbital road, the Stretford-Eccles Bypass, formerly a section of the M63, was originally built as a section of the M62. At the M62/M60 interchange, a road leads into Salford, called the M602.

In 2005, work commenced on the A1, upgrading it to motorway status between Doncaster, and Newcastle. The new motorway will intersect the M62 halfway between J32 (Ponterfract) and J33 (Ferrybridge)


END OF MOTORWAY becomes the A5080

1-4 Not Built

5 Huyton

6 Liverpool South/Huyton/Southport/Prescot

7 St Helens/Prescot/Widnes

8 Warrington West/Burtonwood (IKEA Warrington)

S Burtonwood Services

9 Warrington Central/Winwick

10 M6 (Croft Interchange)

11 Warrington East/Birchwood

12 Salford, Manchester Centre M602/M60 (Eccles Interchange)

12-18 As M60

18 Manchester North Bury/Blackburn

S Birch Services

19 Manchester Middleton/Heywood

20 Rochdale/Oldham

21 Milnrow/Shaw

22 Saddleworth

23 Huddersfield (Eastbound Only)

24 Huddersfield/Halifax

25 Brighouse/Dewsbury

S Hartshead Services

26 Bradford, Leeds West and Leeds Bradford International Airport M606/Cleckheaton/Halifax

27 Leeds Centre M621/Batley/Morley/Bradford, IKEA

28 Leeds South/Dewsbury/Leeds-Bradford Airport

29 Leeds East, Sheffield, London M1

30 Leeds RothwellRothwell/Wakefield

31 Leeds Castleford Castleford/Normanton

32 Pontefract/Castleford

32a Wetherby, Doncaster (A1) (under construction)

33/S Leeds North, York, Harrogate, London The North/The South via the A1 and Pontefract/Doncaster, Ferrybridge Services

34 Selby/Doncaster

35 M18

36 Goole

Passes over the River Ouse

37 York/Howden, East Riding of Yorkshire/Selby/Bridlington

38 North Cave/Gilberdyke (Eastbound Only)

END OF MOTORWAY becomes the A63

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