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Deaths in July

31 David B. Haight
29 Francis Crick
29 Nafisa Joseph
23 Joe Cahill
23 Mehmood
23 Illinois Jacquet
23 Carlos Paredes
22 Sacha Distel
21 Jerry Goldsmith
21 Neal A. Maxwell
19 J. Gordon Edwards
18 Paul Foot
13 Carlos Kleiber
11 Laurance Rockefeller
9 Isabel Sanford
8 Mike Woodin
6 Thomas Klestil
5 Hugh Shearer
4 Jean-Marie Auberson
4 Andrian Nikolayev
2 Gael Turnbull
1 Marlon Brando
1 Richard May
Other recent deaths

Ongoing events

Reconstruction of Iraq
Occupation & Resistance
Trials of top Ba'athists
Darfur conflict in Sudan
Israeli-Palestinian conflict
War on Terrorism
Afghanistan timeline July 2004
USA 9-11 Commission
Same-sex marriage in the USA
AIDS epidemic
Abu Ghraib investigation
Ongoing wars

Election results in July

18: Bolivia: gas referendum
5: Indonesia: president
4: Mexico: three governorships

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July 31, 2004

July 30, 2004

July 29, 2004

July 28, 2004

July 27, 2004

  • South African authorities announce that Al-Qaeda militants have illegally obtained a large number of South African passports, enabling operatives to travel to many African countries and Britain without visas. It is believed that the passports came from crime syndicates operating within the passport office. (AP)
  • The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court orders the unsealing of investigative files related to the unsolved 1972 murder of 13-year-old altar boy Danny Croteau. Richard Lavigne, a defrocked priest convicted of child molestation, is the only suspect in the case. (ABC)
  • A lower French court annuls the same-sex union of Stephane Chapin and Bertrand Charpentier, stating that the Civil Code does not allow same-sex unions and that allowing them is for the legislature. The couple say they will appeal against the court's ruling, even to the European Court of Human Rights. The mayor who officated at the ceremony, Noel Mamere of the left-wing Greens Party, had been suspended from duties for one month by the national executive. (AP)
  • Iran is alleged to have broken seals placed upon uranium centrifuges by the International Atomic Energy Agency and resumed their construction. (AP)
  • Violence in Iraq:
    • Guerilla mortar fire, directed at the Green Zone in Baghdad, strikes the nearby neighborhood of Salhiya, killing an Iraqi garbage collector, wounding another, and injuring 15 U.S. soldiers.
    • Dr. Qassem el-Obaidi, assistant director of Mahmudiya hospital, is assassinated in Mahmudiya, 25 miles south of Baghdad.
    • A suicide bomber launches a failed attack in Baquba, north of Baghdad, killing himself but inflicting no other casualties.
    • The Jordanian company Daoud and Partners decides to withdraw from Iraq, so as to secure the release of two Jordanian hostages. [2]
  • The United Nations warns that Bangladesh is on the verge of an humanitarian crisis, as severe flooding causes more than 350 deaths. Forty-one of the country's sixty-four districts are affected by the floods, and officials say 14 million people are either marooned or homeless; other estimates reach as high as 30 million. (BBC)
  • The European Union's 25 foreign ministers jointly call on the United Nations to pass a resolution threatening sanctions if the Sudanese government does not rein in the Arab militias blamed for atrocities in Darfur. (BBC)

July 26, 2004

  • The 2004 Democratic National Convention opens in Boston, Massachusetts. (BBC) (Guardian)
  • Violence in Iraq:
    • A suicide bomber attacks near a U.S base in the northern city of Mosul, killing two civilians and an Iraqi security guard. Three U.S soldiers and an Iraqi security guard were wounded.
    • The Iraqi interim Interior Ministry's Deputy Chief of Tribal Affairs, Col. Musab al-Awadi, is assassinated in Baghdad, along with two of his bodyguards.
    • Insurgents kill two Iraqi women working as cleaners for British forces in Basra in southern Iraq.
    • Militants threaten to kill two Jordanian truck drivers they captured within 72 hours if their Jordanian employer does not stop doing business with the U.S. military. (AP)
  • The International Maritime Bureau says that deaths due to piracy doubled in the first month of 2004 compared with the same period in 2003, to 30 people. Half of the killings were in Nigerian waters. Despite the increased violence, the total number of piracy attacks fell. In the economically critical Straits of Malacca however, attacks rose by a third. (BBC)

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