Lake Nummy in Bellplane State Forest


Belleplain State Forest was established in 1928 by the State of New Jersey for recreation, wildlife management, timber production, and water conservation.

Victorian House in Cape May, New Jersey


Today, 600 buildings in Cape May are on the National Register of Historic Places. Even to those who can't distinguish the Queen Anne architectural style from a queen bee, strolling among these meticulously preserved buildings is like disembarking from a time machine.

Source: Baltimore Sun

 Jetty Hotel ~  
 Epic Road Trips 2006


"The Jetty Hotel offers stunningly furnished rooms, with two double beds or one king-sized bed, overlooking the ocean." So states the hotel web page, any way.

 Cape May Migratory Bird Refuge  
 Epic Road Trips 2006


"The The Cape May Migratory Bird Refuge, also known as "The Meadows" is located on the southwest tip of the Cape May peninsula a\has beautiful dunes, fresh and saltwater marshes, meadows, ponds, and a full mile of beachfront.


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