Saturday, October 13

I departed Milpitas around 11:00 and headed back up the freeway to San Fran. I jumped on to I-680 south which then put me on to I-280 north. Freeway traffic was light the 60 miles to exit 7 - SR 1/Junipero Serra Blvd. Upon exiting, I was immediately in thick traffic. I made my way up to Sloat Blvd., a notoriously congested street and then continued north on 19th Avenue. Traffic was thick and slow moving.

I finally made my way up to Clement Street and eventually found a place to park at 16th and Lake. The latter was no easy task on a busy Saturday afternoon.

I walked the two blocks to Clement to start my search for some lunch. There are many places to eat on Clement and it was not an easy to make the choice. I finally decided on an interesting little vegetararian place called Bok Choy Garden.

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After perusing the menu I settled for the House Special: Tofu and Broccoli with curry sauce over spinach noodles.

Although the dish was unique and distinctive, I cannot say it was to my taste. I found it a bit on the bland side with little evidence of the curry coming though. There was also a sweetness to it which I did not appealing. Perhaps it was made with coconut milk, I am not sure. I enjoyed the spinach noodles - tasty and with a lot of substance. Next time I an there I will try something with a little zip in it.

The price of the meal was reasonable - 7.35 (not the 6.75 listed on the web menu) and it would have easily fed two people.

Below is a snippet from the web menu. I have to say I have never seen a web site with more spelling errors than the one for Bok Choy Garden.

  • S1. Tofu and Broccoli with curry sauce over spinach nodles $ 6.75
  • S2. Taro Casserole with coconut milk. $ 6.95
  • S3. Crisp veggie with walnuts. $ 6.95
  • S4. Crispy Pork with spicy salt and pepper. $ 8.50
  • S5. Shitake mushrooms & bok choy in a dark sauce $ 6.95
  • S6. Sizzling vegetarina chicken wiht balck bean asuce on Iron plate. $ 7.50
  • S7. Veggie Duck (Soybean sheet rools over spinach) $ 8.75
  • S8. Stir-fry lotus sweet peas and mushroom $ 6.50
  • S9. Braised eggplant in sesame flavor $ 6.75
  • S10. Saute gluten puff in curry or S&S sause $ 6.75
  • S11. Braised tofu with broccoli in seasme sauce $ 6.50
  • S12. Taro fish with sweet and sour sauce $ 8.95

Scanned Menu

This little jewel came with the check - obviously. I have no idea what it was. It had a toothy, gelatinous texture and a citrusy-sweet flavor. In the center was some sort of nut like object. Any ideas?

The Bok Choy Garden store front at 1820 Clement Street.

After lunch I walked down to Napolean Bakery at 844 Clement to pick up some Ears and Chai Siew bow for later snacking.

There were lots of goodies to choose from and I would love to have tried more of them.

Stocked up with these goodies I started the trek down to Baker Beach, a walk of about 2.25 miles.

The weather was gorgeous - warm and sunny, and lots of people were out enjoying it.

A great photo op to take back home.

"Dude, where's my board buddy?"

These two were playing tag with the waves.

This sign points to an exclusive beach.

Nude volleyball - my favorite sport!

After taking pictures and generally enjoying the scenery I headed up this steep flight of steps which leads to Lincoln Blvd.

Source: © Google Maps

You can see the steps in the middle of the image.

I got up to Lincoln, turned left and then continued on the trail to the bluffs.

The considerable habitat restoration being done here is explained on several informational signs along the trail.


This is the view from up near Lincoln Blvd,looking north towards the Marin Headlands. Great day to be out sailing.

A perfect day to be out hiking and sight seeing.

The tan area in the upper right portion of this photo are large sections of jute matting which have been secured to prevent erosion and excellerate reestablishment of native plants.

This beach, north of the main beach near the parking area, is accessible only by using the winding and sometimes steep trail, thus it is much less crowded and busy.

By now it was getting on towards three o'clock and I still had to hoof it back to the car. I finished up my hike and headed back up the hill and on to Clement Street.

Walking back up Clement street I went by Pizza Orgasmica. It is very near Napoleans Bakery which I visited earlier in the day. Had it been a bit later in the day, I would have stopped for supper. But, it will have to wait until the next trip.

I got to the car and drove back to the apartement where I spent a quiet evening with my host. Another great day.

Up next - my last day in San Francisco and the end of a great trip.

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