by george dasher

5.10: Thursday: I took off from work early, came home, met Sarah, and the two of us drove to Portage Lakes State Park in Ohio, where we camped.

5.11: Friday: Sarah and I went to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, and rode the tow path for the Ohio and Erie Canal. We started at Breckville Station and rode the path down to mile marker 11, then we turned around and rode up to mile marker 22. We returned to my car and then drove to Brandywine Falls. We then drove to Harbor East State Park, set up our camp, did some biking, and walked along the beach at night.

5.12: Saturday: Sarah and I caught the ferry to Kelley's Island. We then rode around the island, and we saw an old (and large!) limestone quarry, several beaches, and the glacier grooves which are really quite fantastic. We then returned to the town of Kelley's Island and caught the ferry back to the mainland. We checked out the nearby lighthouse and returned to camp.

5.13: Sunday: Sarah and I had been unable to make reservations on the Pelee Island ferry, and we instead drove to Toledo and Detroit, stopping at Cabella's on the way. We crossed into Canada at Windsor (with no trouble!) and continued east to the Wheatley Provincial Park, which is on the northern shore of Lake Erie. We had supper and explored the local beach.

5.14: Monday: Today was a driving day. We drove north-northeast, in bad wind. We stopped at a cheese outlet store and to walk along the eastern shore of Lake Huron, and we saw an incredible amount of farmland. We camped that night in a bad wind storm in the Bruce Peninsula National Park.

5.15: Tuesday: We took a trail and walked out to the Bruce Trail, where we explored some sea cliffs along the western edge of Georgian Bay. They were incredibly beautiful. We then came back and drove north to the end of the peninsula, where the two of us went to a museum in the national park's visitors center. We drove into Tobermory, where we got ice cream, then we drove back south along the peninsula and then east along the south side of Georgian Bay. We camped that night at Craigleith Provincial Park, and we did laundry (inside!), as it is really too cold and windy to do anything else.

5.16: Wednesday: The weather is still miserable, and we drove northeast, along Nottawasga Bay, and we spent a large amount of time looking for a museum on the HMS Nancy in Wasago that turned out to be closed. We then drove to Awenda Provincial Park at Thunder Bay, and walked out to see some 20-meter-high sea cliffs that we never found. We did see a very interesting beach with many glacier erratics and different colored sands. We next drove to Huronian to visit a museum, but it turned out that the Indian part of the museum had been burned down by vandals the week before. We returned to Craigleith in the rain, and we had supper at a pub in Collinswood.

5.17: Thursday: We spent part of the morning fossil hunting on the shale beach at Craigleith under sunny skies, then we drove south and up into the Blue Mountains, where we visited the Ice Caves (which are nothing more than deep crevices in the limestone bedrock). We next drove to Thornbury and looked at a fish ladder, and we finally drove south and up the Beaver River. We stopped at Eugenia Falls, and we continued south through the outskirts of Toronto where we got on Queen Elizabeth Way, which we took east to Rock Point Provincial Park. We walked along the beach, where there is an incredible amount of fossils in the limestone.

5.18: Friday: We drove into the Niagara area in the morning, and we first looked at Fort Erie, which is next to Lake Erie. We then drove all the way down the river, taking the Niagara Parkway, and stopping to look at the Whirlpool. We then drove to Fort George, which I toured and which is next to Lake Ontario. We then returned to the Falls area, where we parked ($12 parking!) and spent a lot of time looking at the Falls. We finally returned to Stoney Point, and the two of us stopped to eat at a restaurant on the way.

5.19: Saturday: I took some pictures of the fossils in the morning, then we returned to the Niagara Falls area. We again paid for parking ($15 this time!), and we rode on the Maid of the Mist, checked out the local IMAX theater (we were too late to catch the show), took the elevator down to the White Water Walk. We then drove down to the Floral Clock, where we had our picture taken, and we got in line to return to the U.S. This happy event required 2.5 hours. We then drove south I-90 to Evangolia State Park. We set up our camp in the wind, and then had supper in town. We tried to go down to the beach, but the weather was just too bad.

5.20: Sunday: We drove into town for gasoline and breakfast, then we took State Route 5 southwest. We got on I-90 at the state line, and drove that to Erie, where we got on I-79. We got back to Pinch at 4:30 pm.