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35 lb. and 50 lb. Pinon Wood orders are 
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Alligator Juniper Wood - Scientific name "Juniperus deppeana".   Alligator Juniper is common in the dry mountain ranges of Arizona and New Mexico extending as far north as the San Francisco Peaks of Arizona and as far east as the Trans-Pecos region of western Texas. The species occurs on the dry rocky slopes of mountains within its range in association with piņon pines and other juniper species.

The alligator juniper sometimes reach 65 feet tall, and may grow to 5 feet in diameter. This tree is similar to one-seed juniper with its 1/2 inch long, berry-like structures and typical juniper foliage. Its most distinguishing feature is the tree  bark, which is divided into squares that resemble the skin of an alligator.

One of the largest known alligator junipers is an American Forestry Association Champion is located in Tonto National Forest, Arizona.  It is 29 feet 7 inches in circumference, 57 feet tall, and has a 57-foot crown.

Alligator juniper is valuable to wildlife, often used in rustic furniture and landscape  fencing, and is considered an outstanding fuel wood with aromatic qualities.
When burning, the wood gives off a pleasant "cedar like" scent, and has a tendency to "crackle" and "pop". This wood is easy to start, makes excellent kindling,  and provides a lively fire with little smoke.

Dense alligator juniper populations are thinned to improve wildlife habitats and reduce wildland fire threats in the Southwest..

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Piņon - a cone-bearing evergreen tree.  Scientific name "pinus edulis" --  found primarily  in New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and Utah. Pronounced and often spelled "pinyon".  These trees were known to the Spanish as pinos pinoneros, or "nut-bearing pine". 

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4 sizes of  Juniper wood  ( pictured from left to right ) 

Kindling / Starter Wood - measure about 8 to 9 inches long by 1 to 2 inches wide.  Split very thin for easy starting. Pinon or juniper wood sold in 25 lb box or 35 lb. burlap bag. 

Chiminea Medium Mix - Our most popular size  measures about  8 to 10 inches long, and 2 to 4 inches wide. The mix will include a few of the large - chunky pieces,  and a few kindling starter pieces. Sold in 35 lb and 50 lb bags.

Chiminea Large - Chunky - Pieces are about 8 to 10 inches long and 5 to 7 inches wide.  Includes some knots, higher resin / sap content.  No kindling included. Add to a hot fire,  great for slow burning. Sold in 35 lb and 50 lb bags.

Fire-pit / Fireplace Logs -  measure about 12 to 15 inches long by about 5 to 7 inches wide. Great for outdoor fire pits, and inside fireplaces.  Will fit extra large chimineas as well. Sold in 35 lb. and 50 lb bags.

Pricing: (Shipping included)

Product Use Weight Price Shipping
Pinon Chimineas 50lb $46.95 UPS ground
Pinon Chimineas 35lb $34.95 UPS ground
Juniper Chimineas 50lb $46.95 UPS ground
Juniper Chimineas 35lb $34.95 UPS ground
Apple call for availability & shipping quote 50lb UPS ground

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Custom Designed New Mexico burlap bag - these unique  burlap bags - measure 26 inches wide by 40 inches long, and are very collectible.   

Shipping -  All products are shipped UPS ground.  The wood is packaged in the bag, then placed inside a sturdy cardboard box for shipping.  Shipping costs are included in our price.  35 lb. and 50 lb. Pinon Wood orders are shipped in this unique New Mexico Piņon burlap bag.  

*Juniper 35 lb. and 50 lb. orders are shipped in a white poly bag.

Estimated Delivery Time: Wood orders usually ship on the same day, or next business day - from New Mexico. For delivery, East Coast allow 5-6 business days, Midwest, and West Coast  allow 4-5 business days, Southwest allow 2-3 business days.

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To place an order, please visit our online catalog or call 1-888-297-4067.

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